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Technical Support/Bugs
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Announcement:DUST 514: Warlords 1.0 Issues & Bugs
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CCP Frame
928,1651422015.02.28 23:59
stickey willem Go to last post
Announcement:DUST 514 Server Opening Hours and Daily Downtimes
CCP Frame
0340,18632012.08.20 10:25
CCP Frame Go to last post
Sticky:Supported Mouse/Keyboard list
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Deskalkulos Ildigan
196319,0301152014.06.21 02:05
John Psi Go to last post
Sticky:Port forwarding and DMZ
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GM Unicorn
63349,041502013.11.02 00:22
Tolern Choo Go to last post
Sticky:Please do not make list of bugs and issues
CCP Frame
0307,83302012.08.28 03:48
CCP Frame Go to last post
Mass Driver's shoot through rocks.
Aeon Amadi
451002015.03.02 19:40
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
Broken maps???????
224902015.03.02 19:38
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
Box loot not found in inventory.
VikingCheech iBUN
329702015.03.02 18:27
VikingCheech iBUN Go to last post
Running really fast
Shaun Iwairo
331712015.03.02 18:06
Sophie DV Go to last post
restocking in match
Carder Host
738112015.03.02 15:32
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
Vehicle falling through map while on overhead map still NOT FIXED
626932015.03.02 11:08
Kuruld Sengar Go to last post
log in problems
drifter 767
1942962015.03.02 07:32
Jodo Hobo Go to last post
Downloaded data files corrupt log in problems
07702015.03.02 06:31
keifin Go to last post
Packed Remote Explosives
Llast 326
558952015.03.02 04:34
Llast 326 Go to last post
got demoted from corporal to private first class
111302015.03.02 03:43
DeadlyAztec11 Go to last post
Rail Rifle does no damage
828872015.03.02 03:15
Kuruld Sengar Go to last post
Fall through map when standing on dead enemy tank
337502015.03.01 20:56
shaman oga Go to last post
Disconnected/ Acquired Rewards
214122015.03.01 19:34
devjo88 Go to last post
Weapon Swap Bug
Mortishai Belmont
012102015.03.01 15:08
Mortishai Belmont Go to last post
Officer AK.0 grenade slot missing.
440022015.03.01 09:52
LOOKMOM NOHANDS Go to last post
Warbarge components consumed when upgrade fails
Ansla Valier
03702015.02.28 21:03
Ansla Valier Go to last post
PS3 Overheat?
522112015.02.28 14:46
TritusX Go to last post
Toxic Mood... In warbarge
Talos Vagheitan
17622015.02.28 14:42
Maken Tosch Go to last post
Mid air uplinks
stickey willem
221202015.02.28 02:34
stickey willem Go to last post
With a little help from mr friends...
Jet Sensei
04002015.02.27 23:57
Jet Sensei Go to last post
Mass Driver and flaylock rounds go through new buildings.
Ghost Kaisar
16712015.02.27 07:26
THUNDERGROOVE Go to last post
one sided battle
Genral69 death
312222015.02.27 03:25
XxBlazikenxX Go to last post
dc glitch
347212015.02.27 00:47
postapo wastelander Go to last post
128012015.02.26 17:27
gauntlet44 LbowDeep Go to last post
Louis Domi
437122015.02.26 17:13
gauntlet44 LbowDeep Go to last post
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