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Announcement:Warlords 1.1 Issues
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CCP Frame
936.971772015.05.22 23:28
Scheneighnay McBob Go to last post
Announcement:DUST 514 Server Opening Hours and Daily Downtimes
CCP Frame
0354.39132012.08.20 10:25
CCP Frame Go to last post
Sticky:Supported Mouse/Keyboard list
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Deskalkulos Ildigan
196340.8391152014.06.21 02:05
John Psi Go to last post
Sticky:Port forwarding and DMZ
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GM Unicorn
63365.527502013.11.02 00:22
Tolern Choo Go to last post
Sticky:Please do not make list of bugs and issues
CCP Frame
0321.82202012.08.28 03:48
CCP Frame Go to last post
[BUG] Disconnect when creating Amarr Combat Advanced Loadout
Bar Be
523022015.05.22 21:28
Mirage Efreet Go to last post
Enemy redzone countdown inaccurate.
S3dINS Destiva
14402015.05.22 17:03
FraggerMike Go to last post
[bug] sort of. False red flag in quarters after reset.
09712015.05.22 01:51
KalOfTheRathi Go to last post
[Warlords 1.1 + hotfix] mCRU Bleed Out Bug Still Exist
09302015.05.22 00:51
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
CCP Rattati, a bug for you. With some debug hints.
08802015.05.22 00:45
KalOfTheRathi Go to last post
09902015.05.21 20:19
Haerr Go to last post
[BUG:] Disappearing fitting slots
09402015.05.21 19:12
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
map bug
yoahmad pwnh
110302015.05.21 18:47
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
Hard freeze / system restart / file check required
Second Cerberus
1032612015.05.21 18:40
qp db Go to last post
What's Wrong With The Team Roster?
Clone D
131.219262015.05.21 18:38
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
Experimental Laboratory bugged?
Keeriam Miray
010602015.05.21 17:44
Keeriam Miray Go to last post
Any chance of me movinf to the correct merc quarters?
Talos Vagheitan
011702015.05.21 02:26
Talos Vagheitan Go to last post
New update=FREEZE
FIRSTNAME- lastname
582102015.05.20 18:28
Second Cerberus Go to last post
Nullarbor Myron impossible to fly.
Talos Vagheitan
427432015.05.20 17:48
Talos Vagheitan Go to last post
Spawn Bug.
Void Echo
014312015.05.20 07:45
Void Echo Go to last post
Mcc under construction map
Crusty Clown
697412015.05.20 01:56
Crusty Clown Go to last post
CCP please.
8387222015.05.19 20:50
KalOfTheRathi Go to last post
[bug] Matchmaker taking forever and ending in Scotty
Blake Kingston
230612015.05.19 20:46
KalOfTheRathi Go to last post
Acquisition map turns into spawncamp
Quil Evrything
686612015.05.19 09:36
KEROSIINI-TERO Go to last post
stamina vs jump
jordy mack
030902015.05.18 04:52
jordy mack Go to last post
PSN Connection issues NOW
311312015.05.17 16:07
Jaed D'jaegweir Go to last post
Aurum Not Applied To Account
Anaheim Darko
15302015.05.17 12:13
Anaheim Darko Go to last post
Multiple internal error disconnection issues
Karam Arami
18702015.05.17 06:39
Ross Ken-Oh Go to last post
Scotty is still a loser.
Glyd Path
03912015.05.17 00:23
Glyd Path Go to last post
"Construct" Kaalakiota Forge Gun
216202015.05.16 20:44
Balamob Go to last post
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