Council of Planetary Management

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The Council’s Chamber
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Announcement:Dev Blog: CPM2 ANNOUNCED
CCP Frame
076302015.08.18 06:34
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Announcement:CPM White Paper
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CCP Logibro
41191,853512015.07.14 18:02
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CCP Frame
02,34702015.07.14 17:45
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Announcement:Welcome to the Council’s Chamber
CCP Falcon
0213,97502013.05.16 15:15
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Sticky:IMPORTANT README - User's guide to the CPM forums
Heinrich Jagerblitzen
7208,377102013.08.11 19:22
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DERP youve all been thrown out of power -__-
411,27922016.06.23 07:34
IMMORTAL WAR HERO Go to last post
Paulus Phen502
034502016.05.29 19:38
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CPM3 Election time?
Viktor Hadah Jr
11,58912016.05.12 15:36
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BIOMASSED - new live Dust / Legion podcast [ Pages: 1 ... 24, 25, 26 ]
Jaysyn Larrisen
501100,6503102016.03.30 17:31
Fox Gaden Go to last post
Could Dust work on a mobile platform?
DEV Stupid Head
167822016.02.12 19:12
Darth-Carbonite GIO Go to last post
Would pay hefty amounts of Aurum for…
31,13652016.02.09 16:22
l-o-i-c Go to last post
Let us transfer our bpo's into the next game that would great re...
592142016.02.08 06:24
DJINN Jecture Go to last post
Seems awfully quiet
Gh0st Blade
61,56932016.01.21 18:03
Fox Gaden Go to last post
Will there be a cpm summit?
152,441192016.01.14 21:47
Avallo Kantor Go to last post
Missing Weapons From the Caldari Loyalty Store
Jammer Jalapeno
71,28192015.12.19 13:41
No-one-ganks like-Gaston Go to last post
I know this isn't you guys department but...
Twelve Guage
040502015.12.17 14:24
Twelve Guage Go to last post
Some question for CPM
Alena Ventrallis
71,30442015.12.17 01:38
Alena Ventrallis Go to last post
So how are plans to improve the game going?
51,04182015.12.13 14:12
Sbundo'D Go to last post
Forgotten Buttons in the NeoCom Social Menu
149322015.12.08 16:23
Darth-Carbonite GIO Go to last post
Requesting CPM assistance
Lavallois Nash
488332015.12.08 06:00
Olivia MartyR Go to last post
Independent control of rep tool beams
Alena Ventrallis
61,09152015.12.07 08:46
No-one-ganks like-Gaston Go to last post
Alleviating the small battles
Git Gud Bruh
033702015.12.07 04:56
Git Gud Bruh Go to last post
Request to the CPM
51,40352015.11.29 23:45
Aeon Amadi Go to last post
CPMS, really, why did you let the new event item be so crappy!?
Heracles Porsche
121,621112015.11.29 23:43
Aeon Amadi Go to last post
Akidagi and the Dust-EVE link; Changes need to be made.
Ghost Kaisar
182,095552015.11.24 14:30
D4GG3R Go to last post
I was wondering
Twelve Guage
469542015.11.24 02:37
Twelve Guage Go to last post
CPM, how patient should we be?
howard sanchez
152,612232015.11.16 16:44
Cross Atu Go to last post
Anything we can do to help?
7th Son 7
357422015.11.16 15:03
Balistyc Farshot Go to last post
Since becoming CPM, are you more hopeful for DUST? Thermometer time
Joseph Ridgeson
153412015.11.16 02:22
Darth-Carbonite GIO Go to last post
@ Kevall Longstride - NPE Roadmap?
Adipem Nothi
279352015.11.12 16:46
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