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Orbital Artillery Outpost Feedback

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2013.05.22 15:23  |  Edited by: CCP Frame

This thread is for specific feedback on the Orbital Artillery Outpost map asset as it appears on any map. Please post any issues you have with the map in this thread. If addressing a specific section of the map, please include the grid coordinates included in the image above for easier verification.

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OSG Planetary Operations
#2 Posted: 2013.05.22 15:38
There are several instances of map assets appearing to be open (i.e. an empty space) when they are solid or require a jump to traverse. Most of these are on the rooftops but there are also instances near stairs and walk ways such as the bridge in M8 or the top of the stairs in K7.

This map feature also seems the most prone to lag (although the frequency of lag is, anecdotally, less than it was in Chrome)

Seituoda Taskforce Command
#3 Posted: 2013.05.22 16:42
General gameplay feedback:
I think this is the best outpost of Dust yet. There's lots of verticality to enjoy and fights happen at varying ranges. Every infantry role can find an area where they can contribute to the battle using it's unique strength. Vehicles and have a tough time here, but on the skirmish maps they have the whole outside area to enjoy for themselves.

My only real gripe about this map is the area from N6 to N13. There seems to be no use for it at all. The placement of a supply depot might bring the action to this otherwise exciting area.

And at last a request: Implement an ambush that's restricted to only this outpost. If the chaos gets too frantic reduce player count to 24, but please bring this.
Planetary Response Organisation
#4 Posted: 2013.05.22 16:45
In pc you can lower all building tops and remove the stuff keeping us from sniping and decrease hill size should help reduce lag other wise great map.

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Commando Perkone
Caldari State
#5 Posted: 2013.05.22 18:30
I'm a dropship pilot and this is my favorite thing to fly around. It's engaging, enemies appear on multiple levels, it can provide sufficient cover from tanks, and it's not always easy to pick up troops.

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Rise Of Legion.
#6 Posted: 2013.05.22 18:49
Lots of covers from orbitals on this map, which is nice considering it is the one that fires back at those doing orbitals.
Red Star.
#7 Posted: 2013.05.23 00:21
For the major building at J8, I believe game play would be massively improved if you removed ed the center, and left the two pillars. The game play around the area would be much more dynamic and some great standoff's could be had a the area. Pleas consider it.
Grupo de Asalto Chacal
#8 Posted: 2013.05.23 02:15
As a sniper it has become almost impossible to snipe from the roofs, because of the "new" walls on them and the new invisible walls. But apart from that. not much... It would be cool if we had to go up some stairs to capture the cannon on A-B 9.
SVER True Blood
#9 Posted: 2013.05.23 10:22
M8-M9 there is a railing you can easily get into (ladder, jump down)... but you cannot get out of without glitching in a corner of M8

Mikramurka Shock Troop
Minmatar Republic
#10 Posted: 2013.05.29 17:52
On the center tower (I to L, 7 to 10) if you drop down the sides, there are some areas where you will get stuck on a ledge between the tower wall and one of the small thin walls and be unable to get out without suiciding.
#11 Posted: 2013.05.30 23:32
the dusk version of this map lags almost everytime.

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#12 Posted: 2013.06.03 20:04
I've been in a couple of PC battles with this asset combined with the cargo buildings and my frames drop to single digits throughout the course of the battle. To me, this is the single largest hurdle in PC at the moment. Without reliable FPS, who wants to duke it out with territory and cash on the line?

I would be open to what ever changes it would take to improve the performance on this type of map asset. If you need to load simpler polygons, textures, or terrain, I'm fine with that. Until we're able to shoot reliably without having to reboot before every PC battle just to get reasonable FPS, my corp has basically given up on PC.

I almost want to get a capture device just to show how bad the performance gets in certain places after a few games. If that would help, let me know or ask many of the streamers.

As a added detail, I'm running the default shipping 60gb drive and not an SSD in my PS3.
Praetoriani Classiarii Templares
#13 Posted: 2013.06.08 12:02
J17, there is a ladder you can climb up and once you get to the top there is a narrow passage to the right side which you used to be able to squeeze through in Chromsome, but ever since Uprising you cannot. It makes climbing this ladder next to pointless.

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#14 Posted: 2013.06.10 02:54  |  Edited by: IVANJAKANOV
At K6-K7 by the bridge over to the supply depot there are railings that look like they end by the side of that bridge but I can't jump down to the street as a heavy, like there's an invisible railing there I can't jump over, so I need to go around those nearby walls to go down the stairs. It would be nice to be able to jump over those low/invisible railings, or have an easy path to the stairs down to the street.
Commando Perkone
Caldari State
#15 Posted: 2013.07.19 13:06
At K10/11, on the bridge that goes across from over the C objective to the CRU, if a heavy falls from the high roof onto the last section before the wall he will be stuck as there is a metal piece that is just higher than he can jump.

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Nexus Balusa Horizon
#16 Posted: 2013.07.29 17:23
i think that the upper level should be walkable like the lower level, with walkways and passages and with mulltiple access to all the upper areas, you can have tactical advantage but it should not last forever because you can easily control all the access.

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Penumbra or something
#17 Posted: 2013.07.31 15:22
Un-fuck the outpost! Bring back the old ladders and remove the ugly fences! This used to be great, now it's just another generic AR lair.
Penumbra or something
#18 Posted: 2013.07.31 15:23
shaman oga wrote:
i think that the upper level should be walkable like the lower level, with walkways and passages and with mulltiple access to all the upper areas, you can have tactical advantage but it should not last forever because you can easily control all the access.

It used to be walkable. There weren't any fences, and there were more ladders. Then AR users bitched and it got ruined to become what it is now.
Praetoriani Classiarii Templares
#19 Posted: 2013.08.02 23:29
remove the rooftop fences and add the ladders back, it makes sniping almost pointless

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#20 Posted: 2013.08.10 10:16
The fences on the very tops of the outpost make climbing the ladders to get there a pretty futile exercise. It's hard to see from above and harder to attack. Removing those fences at the top may open up a lot of tactical options.
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