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#1 Posted: 2013.04.11 17:36  |  Edited by: CCP Frame
Creative Mercs,

Welcome to “My DUST 514” forum section. This area is designed for all your videos, fan art, resources, songs, jokes and everything else related to DUST 514 that you would like to share with the community!

Here are some rules and guidelines for what your creations can and can't contain, mainly regarding profanity, bad words, swear words, cursing etc.

1) Background music - Background music should be chosen so it doesn't contain profanity, or contains very few profanity words. We understand that a lot of music does contain profanity, but some music revolve around it and will not be allowed, a few words are ok though.
2) Recordings and sound effects - Recordings of for example teamspeak conversationas and other forms of sound effects may not contain profanity; if you are able to bleep out the profanity you may use it.
3) Text - Text may not contain profanity, you may not even use partially masked profanity. However, you may use fully masked profanity in the same way as it is used on the forums. For example, f**k is not allowed, **** is. You can also replace profanity using comic style symbols, like #!%&!@&.
4) Warning - For videos that does contain some profanity, or similar, we expect you to put up a warning, both in the post here and in the video itself.
5) Other forum rules apply - You may not make movies which breaks other forum rules, like trolling, flaming etc. movies. You can read the forum rules here.

We are looking forward to your creations – right here, in My DUST 514!

CCP Frame, CCP Shanghai Team

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