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Just Starting? Basics for Beginners...

#1 Posted: 2013.02.16 17:59  |  Edited by: Falnor 929Gaming
Dust 514 Tutorial Part 1 - Character selection

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 2 - Mercenary Quarters and Neocom

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 3 - Contacts and Voice Chat

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 4 - Joining a Corp and the beginnings of Voice Chat

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 5 - Skill Points

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 6 - Fittings

Dust 514 Tutorial Part 7 - Squad Leader Commands to Orbitals

Hope these help beginners! Will be doing more!

If they do please like, comment and subscribe ;)
#2 Posted: 2013.02.17 02:28
Good vids. Check them out!
xCosmic Voidx
#3 Posted: 2013.02.17 02:44
Nice. Thanks for the vids.

Bumbleberry with a stinger.

CEO of xCosmic Voidx

#4 Posted: 2013.02.17 09:59
Thanks Guys! Im looking to make some on skills, fittings, basic in game tactics, the differing weapon types and tanking. I will let you know when they are up!
#5 Posted: 2013.02.19 22:30
New vid up - check out the skill points vid
Condotta Rouvenor
Gallente Federation
#6 Posted: 2013.02.21 18:56
Great Vids mate they really helped me out and got me started in the game.
#7 Posted: 2013.02.24 22:46
Thanks bud!
#8 Posted: 2013.03.02 03:57
New vid up ! Dust 514 Tutorial Part 6 - Fittings
Condotta Rouvenor
Gallente Federation
#9 Posted: 2013.03.05 19:20
Like the new addition mate. Well done and please keep them coming.
#10 Posted: 2013.03.05 22:51
Will do bud! cheers for the support!
#11 Posted: 2013.03.05 23:46
Red Rock Outriders
#12 Posted: 2013.03.06 13:44

Great vids, keep them coming
#13 Posted: 2013.03.12 15:45
Nice work Falnor. Keep them coming.
#14 Posted: 2013.03.17 22:53
Cheers Guys!
#15 Posted: 2013.03.21 14:05
Part 7 up!
Sinq Laison Gendarmes
Gallente Federation
#16 Posted: 2013.03.22 05:41
Thanks for the Videos.
I am an EVE devotee and have found it a little easier than expected to adapt to DUST but the familiarity can be tricky too.
I want to play Artifice but am having issues coordinating with my team from map to map and often solo healing and reparing seems lack luster.
Could you do an Artifice tips, tricks and skill priority and equipment video?

I am reticent about committing the majority of my SP until i figure out how to
a) stay alive long enough to be useful and
b) coordinate logi support for a team without mics and a dedicated corp etc.

Seems like Armour upgrades are cheaper than shields for a n00b.
Assault Rifles II are a must over SMG
Minmatar Logi Dropsuit III a top priority early for the 3 slots.
Also grenades seem to leave the NI weapon slot active while buying time to flank and escape being shredded.


PS - If there is an Artifice trainer or guide please let me know.
Onslaught Inc
#17 Posted: 2013.03.22 06:38
whats up Falnor 929Gaming, we going to do that corp spotlight?
#18 Posted: 2013.03.22 10:58
@Lowrate - definitely dude, my guys sadly play evenings during the week, then our CEO is only round sundays. I know during the week wont work, that leaves us with Sundays but I am trying to push early saturday.
#19 Posted: 2013.03.22 18:59
@Volaan - i did create a long repsonse to you however it hasn't posted, I se you've joined S.E.V.E.N so iwill run through it via corp/squad chat
#20 Posted: 2013.03.27 15:43
What will be the next video?
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