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Chromosome Patch Notes

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2012.12.17 06:13  |  Edited by: CCP Eterne
Dear players,

Here's the patch notes to the long awaited for update, Chromosome. Coming soon to a PS3 near you!


- Improved Nova knife model
- New Caldari Supply depot model added
- Iron Sight for LAR added
- Improved projectile behavior in networks with high latency.
- Reduced the damage gap between Standard, Advanced, and Prototype tiers of all handheld weapons
- Fixed AV grenade 'pile' bug where AV grenades remain 'live' on the battlefield
- Overhauled grenade throwing 100%
*Consistent throwing angle
*Power of throw increases based on aim pitch (with a cap)
*Detonation x seconds after bounce if not cooked
- 'Cavity'Thukker moved down to Advanced tier and renamed to 'Cavity'M2 Contact Locus Grenade.
- Added an ISK version of the 'Thukker Contact Locus Grenade'
- Fixed a number of 'Empty hand'bugs relating to interaction whilst holding a grenade
- Lowered kick/shake in ADS on the SMG
- Added HMG 'Doom mode'- a new gun camera firing position
- Lowered HMG zoom FOV from 65 to 60 degrees
- Increased HMG zoom speed by 0.2 seconds
- Reduced Burst HMG fire interval
- Added Militia Forge Gun
- Increased magazine size for all Mass Drivers
- Updated the ADS position of the Mass Driver
- Increased the turn rate on swarm missiles to address short/long range targeting problems
- Increased the time before swarms start tracking a target to make them more accurate at short ranges
- Tuned kick values across all assault rifles
- Reduced Scrambler Pistol max range to 65m
- New ADS positioning on the Scrambler Pistol
- Updated the repair tool rewards to encourage players to act as 'Combat medics' and prevent them from being exploited
* Added Triage reward - an assist if you are repairing a friendly and that friendly gets a kill
* Added Guardian reward - you receive rewards when repairing a friendly who has damaged an enemy within x seconds
* Added a WP cap window - if a player scores more than X amount of WP within Y amount of time then there is a cool-down timer until they can score again

- Sensitivity is now equal in all directions when aiming down the sights with any weapon
- Added new aiming sensitivity settings in options for x and y
- The aim assists 'Off' option now works

- Added improved module descriptions
- Added active armor resistance modules
- Made adjustments to skill requirements and meta-levels for many vehicle modules
- Made adjustments to dropship death camera
- Fixed the vanishing remote explosive bug
- Removed Active Scanner from game until it is fixed
- Combined Cardiac Regulator and Cardiac Stimulant modules into one module type.

- Added vehicle control tool tips for all vehicle configurations
- Added Collision damage for bottoming out suspension from high falls
- Vehicle Tuning
*Updated control physics for all vehicles
*Updated slot layouts for all vehicles
*Updated PG/CPU values for all vehicles
*Made damage pass on all turrets
*Lower threshold for fire effect and burn damage on vehicles
*Large Railgun spooling speed increased
*Updated most vehicle modules-short description to include key stat info
*Increased propulsion penalty for the armor plating module
*Reduced activation time for all armor and shield repairs as well as the remote repair modules
*Only one active heat sink can be used per fitting
*Increased active duration of active heat sink
*Increased the effectiveness of tracking enhancers and tracking computers
*Fixed the vehicle abandonment timer setting on hacked vehicles

- Added a new layout for the PlayStation®Move sharp shooter infantry control configuration
- Added adjustments to input control for aiming (includes turrets)
- Overhauled control sensitivity settings

- 4 ambush variation maps added, in which installations are activated and for player to use during battles.
- Improved current Skirmish and Ambush maps, such as adding variation to the maps; tightening objectives and spawn locations, to create better engagement lines and pace of battles, etc.

Orbital Strikes:
- Orbital strike audio range fix - no more silent strikes
- Orbital strike damage type fix for incorrect damage being dealt

ISK rewards:
- The baseline value for ISK rewards has been increased to guarantee higher income levels for participating in battles

Player Corporations:
- Players can now access the show info page on Corporations

- The number of districts have been adjusted

Corp Battles:
- Fixed battle reward payout at the end of matches

- New music added
- New Voice Over added
- Skipping audio issues resolved
- Extended attenuations for weapons added
- New LAV sounds added

- Fixed sever UI related bugs
- Moved various components to C++
- Reduced the frequency of stalls
- Key mapping enhancements added
- Improved the hints and legends in-game
- More spinnys added to indicate when the game is loading
- More active selections for the VFX/SFX settings
- List size enhancements added
- Keyboard and mouse polish added
- PlayStation®Move controllers polish added
- Improved control consistency
- Character portrait and corp icon backend image display added during corporation creation
- Added new Entitlements popup
- Single click purchase and use for skillbooks
- Improved the count-down timer while players are waiting for battle
- Enhanced the Character Creation process
- Enhanced the Ask For Help UI
- Increased efficiency rating on font size
- Enhanced the hit indicator
- Added pulse on player in the overview map
- Improved the in-game chat feature
- Improved the in-game loading screen
- Added drop shadow on subtitles
- Added 'Show once' option when reading documents
- Added ability to restock fitting on spawn screen

- Optimized non-battle related networking connections
C C P Alliance
#2 Posted: 2012.12.18 07:04  |  Edited by: CCP Cmdr Wang
Updates and Amendments

  1. The charge sniper rifle feature did not make it into the Chromosome update. We are planning more variations for the sniper rifle so expect more variations in the fire mode of sniper rifles in future updates.

  2. The new aiming down sight (ADS) with the Standard and Breach Gallente assault rifle did not make it into the Chromosome update.

  3. Tuned aiming friction & adhesion settings did not make it into the Chromosome update.

  4. New control schemes were planned but did not make it into the Chromosome update.
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