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IRC CCP Q&A transcript

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#1 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:07  |  Edited by: jenza aranda
Questions in italics, answers in bold

<@CCP_Praetorian> yeah but its out ther eman
<@HilmarVeigar> hi everyone
<@rucdoc> welcome back
<@HilmarVeigar> I am now connected through mIRC, feels more 1337
<@CCP_Jian> hello everyone
<~[CCP]Frame> Welcome to the IRC Q&A! :)
<@Grideris> Sorry about that guys
<@Grideris> Coldfront got a little overzealous, thought you guys were up to no good.
<@CCP_Praetorian> smart server
<@CCP_Praetorian> :P
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Ok everyone
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Let's get started
<@rucdoc> Anthing you guys want to start with, or just launch into questions?
<@HilmarVeigar> great to be doing this again, this is becoming a regular thing everytime I visit shanghai
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> We will start with the questions
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> here's the first one....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Q: will the mini map get some improvements? (height and distance information, better enemy presence etc.)
<@CCP_Praetorian> We continue to improve all aspects of the game, and the minimap is no exception. In the next release you'll see a lot of improvements, both functional and visual, but we have more things planned ofc.  
<@CCP_Praetorian> And brandon will probably kick me for disclosing...
<@Grideris> Do it!
<@CCP_Praetorian> we will be adding a pretty cool grid system on the overview map, to allow you guys to better communicate locations
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Q: will Dust 514 mercs have a NPC corp / faction standing? If yes, would all mercs that join into a corp that be averaged into the corps own standings? as it is with EVE pilots.
<@CCP_Jian> Yes, we will be incorporating standings in the future, you will get your first taste of Faction Warfare and Corps in the next release.
[05:17:34] <@[ccp]cmdrwang> ok next question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Can you confirm or deny Jack Trettons statement about Dust 514 launching in october?
<@HilmarVeigar> We are doing a lot of exciting things with Sony. This month, DUST is bundled with the new PS3 hardware, with access and some cool items
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> ok next question
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Any info on when the next build will be launched?
<@CCP_Jian> Next release - named "Codex" - LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK!

<@[ccp]cmdrwang> ok, next question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> "How does the Warbarge travel from location to location?"
<@CCP_Praetorian> Slowly. Seriously though, we are not ready to disclose any details on the war barge mechanic at this stage. As always, stay tuned for a devblog.
<@CCP_Praetorian> (and yes, we have been a bit swamped lately so devblogs are not as frequent as we´d like, but we'll ramp those up soon)

<@CCP_Praetorian> :)
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Awesome, next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Aside from the PS Vita app, is there any Android / iPhone / Mobile app coming in the future?

<@CCP_Jian> may be
<@CCP_Jian> lol

<@HilmarVeigar> may be, the new soon(tm)
<@CCP_Praetorian> hahahahaha
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> There's recently been a push for EVE players to stream as well as support for those who do so on a regular basis, we will see a similar level of support for Dust 514?

<@CCP_Jian> We're talking to own3d and other such things. Its a bit more complicated on PS3 as opposed to PC, but, of course, we're very excited to do stuff like that.

<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> What is a idea/feature( thats not going to added anytime soon or in an upcoming expansion ) you guys really love but can't add right now because of time?
<@CCP_Praetorian> there are so many...
<@CCP_Praetorian> :)
<@CCP_Praetorian> Mtac´s. We need to harden what we have, both from a stability and accessibility standpoint, before we move onto new vehicles such as the Mtac´s. But we are all extremely excited about them, we can't wait until we can make them a priority.

<@CCP_Jian> currently our top priorities are hardening and polishing what we have, which is A LOT
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> How will Faction Warfare work in DUST 514?
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> We will have a dev blog about this topic that will be out in the near future
<@CCP_Praetorian> And you will be able to play with the corps and corp battles (fw) in CODEX next week.
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> What kind of hurdles are you experiencing working with the ps3s limited memory, if any?

<@HilmarVeigar> Generally speaking then limits are often a good thing, forces you to be smart, pick what is important and focus on doing that well.
<@CCP_Praetorian> Yeah exactly. While the PS3 has limited memory, we are able to apply cool methods such as streaming of the harddrive (we are a downloadable game after all), to ensure we have high fidelity in our 3d assets.

<@CCP_Jian> its pretty straightforward, its the hurdle of dealing with a constrained console platform, as opposed to a broad and nigh limitless PC spec.
<@CCP_Jian> that said, we're really proud of what we're pulling off on the ps3
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Will the next build still be moving us on to TQ at any point, and will there be another wipe after the next?
<@CCP_Jian> as promised at fanfest, we're doing a good long iterative beta on console like its never been done before, on sisi. this is really important due to the unique nature of our single-shard server infrastructure
<@HilmarVeigar> Moving Dust on to TQ is a major milestone for Dust, EVE and CCP, so we are talking every precaution possible and evaluating our plans against each update to the closed beta we make, next week will provide us with important data.

<@CCP_Praetorian> Yup, its a major, groundbreaking move in video game history and we want to make sure we do it really well!
#2 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:08
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> a follow up question...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Once the final wipe happens will we lose Corporations and have to rebuild them?
<@CCP_Jian> we're looking into the particulars of what can carry over to TQ or not
<@CCP_Jian> as we've already discussed, character names will

<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Ok, next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> After a period of transition will DUST economy be 100% player driven? or will there always be the NPC seed for all items ?
<@HilmarVeigar> like with EVE our desire is you build a truly player driven experience but what taken decades years for EVE will also take time for dust, we have learned a lot but most importantly we have learned to be careful on this front and measure our progress as we go along
<@CCP_Praetorian> We want the economy to eventually move towards being player driven, but this will be an iterative process. We can't really say to what extent and when this will be.

<@CCP_Jian> of course, there so much we can do along these lines with the EVE/DUST connection, and we want to take full advantage of it. like everything else, we're going to do it in steps
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> will we see more DUST advertisements in the future? it feels like sony is letting DUST just release to die with no fanfare
<@HilmarVeigar> our marketing team has been with us here in Shanghai for the past week to align everything together, we will be seeing some cool stuff for sure in the not so distant future
<@HilmarVeigar> and lets not forget that we are still in closed beta

<@HilmarVeigar> I think we can all look at the new ps3 bundle as examples of the support Sony is giving to dust
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> next question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> we'll take a couple of more questions and wrap this up soon
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Infantry cloaking, is is coming? when is it coming? and how will it work?

<@CCP_Praetorian> Yes, we are working on cloaking for both infantry and vehicles. We are not able to disclose when it will be available. And how it will work awaits a devblog, of course.

HilmarVeigar is checking out some dust tattoos
<@CCP_Praetorian> We are focused on hardening what we have. We'll keep you in the loop when we start focusing this.
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Ok folks, wrapping up soon, so here's the penultimate question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> When will firendly fire be turned on?
<@CCP_Jian> currently, DUST is in hi and low sec
<@CCP_Jian> ff is off
<@CCP_Jian> in null sec, it will be on
<@CCP_Praetorian> and we are looking more into low sec with the introduction of the corp battles, so we may turn it on there as well.

<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Ok, last question....
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> any info on the Jove in dust?
<@HilmarVeigar> the Jove have a will of their own, not even I have have any knowledge of what they are up to...
<@[ccp]cmdrwang> Ok folks, thanks for questions! It's been great!
<~[CCP]Frame> Thank you everyone for joining us today! It was awesome :) Q&A is now officially over, and moderation is off.
<@CCP_Jian> thx all!!
#3 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:11  |  Edited by: jenza aranda

  • New patch "next week" "CODEX"
  • standings coming in the future, first taste of faction warfare in next build
  • vehicle and infantry stealth modules in the works
  • friendly fire will be in null sec, maybe low sec depending on testing
  • eventually full player driven market
  • corps may be carried over to TQ
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#4 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:13
WALL of text! oh and second!
#5 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:17
TY Jenza <3
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#6 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:18
CCP Frame is going to post a cleaned up version.

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#7 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:21
no TL;DR here, first solid wall of txt ive read through lol, but an awesome read!
cheers jenza, you the MAN!
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#8 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:25
awesome. But jusr want to say if a dev reads this.

Please turn on friendly fire for low sec, at least for the beta, So we can test it? Or once null opens up low could back to no friendly fire? Just give us hardcore players a playground too. Low sec seems like a nice spot.

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#9 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:31

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#10 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:41
Quick question, what's TQ?
#11 Posted: 2012.09.28 05:46
Dima Hawkins wrote:
Quick question, what's TQ?

TQ=Tranquility thats the server cluster that the current release version of EVE Online is on.
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#12 Posted: 2012.09.28 06:07
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