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Missions (Part 6)

#1 Posted: 2017.04.22 21:28  |  Edited by: Silver Strike44
Neck: So are we almost fu cking there now Alias?
DK: I normally wouldn't let you change the subject that easily when you're getting trolled, but I'll let you off easy this time you since you already got wrecked so fu cking hard.
Neck: Shut your fat ni gger mouth. You fu cks didn't wreck me.
Shep: Because we didn't need to. You did it all yourself.
DK: Like I said, we can just forget about this. Until we feel like bringing it up later.
Neck: I hope you all get lynched.
Alias: That's not very nice, Neck. But no, we still aren't close yet.
Shep: How is that possible?
DK: Yeah, we've been driving for so long now.
Shep: Let us see that map, Alias.
Alias: About that...
Neck: Oh great. The fu cking ni gger lost the map.
Alias: No, it's not that.
Shep: Spit it out then, Alias.
Alias: Oh look, we're almost there.
Neck: Ni gger, you just said we weren't close.
Alias: We're here.
DK: Isn't that the McDonald's we were just at over there?
Shep: Alias, what in the flying fu ck?
Alias: I've just been driving in circles for the last hour.
DK: Alias, why?
Alias: To maximize how long you guys would be getting trolled for. And to give me time to savor the McDonald's.
Shep: You ate those in under 30 seconds.
Alias: Yeah, it was mostly the first thing.
DK: This just isn't possible.
Alias: Actually, it is. All I had to do was keep making left turns.
DK: Not that. It just seems like forces are conspiring against us or something. It's the only thing that could explain how Alias has been wrecking us so hard lately.
Alias: You're just not that lucky. Also I'm a god.
Neck: I fu cking guess dude. I give up. There's no other explanation.
Alias: Yes, there is. You just aren't very smart.
Neck: It just never fu cking ends.
DK: Well, you could just blow your brains out.
Neck: You first, ni gger.
DK: Bi tches first.
Neck: The saying actually goes "fat ni ggers first." So you're up.
DK: Actually, it's "fat ugly ni ggers first." So I guess it's still you.
Shep: Let's just go blow out this kid's kneecaps and grab the manga.
Alias: Are you sure? This is pretty funny.
Shep: I am absolutely positive.
DK: Do we actually have guns this time?
Alias: Silver gave us 3 BB guns and a hand grenade.
Shep: Give me the hand grenade. I'm pretty da mn good with those.
Neck: I don't know about that, bi tch-ni gger. The only time I seen you do anything with those is when you could spam them.
Shep: So I suppose Alias is going to get the hand grenade then?
Alias: Yep.
Shep: I don't think there's any point in fighting it anymore. Take it.
Alias: Yeah, you guys go ahead. I'm going to go hit McDonald's again.
Neck: And you're just going to take that grenade with you?
Alias: Well I'm not going to leave it with you re tards. Later.
DK: This may be getting a little out of hand.
Neck: Yeah, in no fu cking universe should Alias be destroying us like this.
DK: Well maybe you, but me and Shep are at least above Kai level.
Shep: You're both mere chimps compared to me.
Neck: If we're chimps then you're dogsh it.
Shep: If I'm dogsh it then you 2 are literally nothing.
Neck: Better than being dogsh it.
Shep: Just like e-pu ssy is better than real pu ssy?
Neck: Hey, I never said that fa g-fu ck.
Shep: Yeah, you'd have to have experienced both for you to be able to compare them, I guess.
McLovin: Is there a reason you nerds are arguing outside my front door.
Neck: Give us the manga, ni gger.
McLovin: No can do, muchacho.
Neck: Look, we've already been through this twice with the same pre-pubescent ni gger today. You really don't want to make us go through it again.
McLovin: What are you going to do, tell my mom or some sh it?
DK: So that won't work on you? Good to know.
Neck: Ni gger, don't make us blow you away.
McLovin: With what? Those are BB guns, dude.
Neck: You ever been hit by a BB gun. I shoot one of these at the ni ggers in my high school all the time. They always seemed pretty mad about it, so I assume it hurts.
DK: Is that why they bullied you?
Neck: How many times do I have to tell your re tarded a ss? It's because they were NI GGERSSSSSSSS!
McLovin: Look, I'm going to have to tell you to get off my property.
Shep: Not until you hand over the manga.
McLovin: Don't make me call my ni gga Glob over here to pull his glock.
Neck: A ni gger like you would keep other ni ggers around.
McLovin: Hey, Glob, come here.
Glob: These ni ggas givin you trouble?
McLovin: Just a little. Flash that glock of yours.
Glob: You see this? I could blow all of you ni gga's brains out before any of you even knew it.
DK: Actually, I can't really see it. Could I get a closer look? Like hold it?
Glob: Do I look stupid to you, ni gga?
DK: I was hoping.
Neck: You are a fat ugly ni gger after all.
Glob: Alright ni ggas, you want a closer look? How about I wave this sh it in your face and we'll see how bad you are.
Neck: How about I rub my ballsa ck on your forehead are we see how fu cking how hard you get, ni gger-f ag.
Glob: Nah, I don't swing that way, ni gga.
Neck: I never would have guessed. Your skin is so ni gger-colored that it's purple. You know, the fa g color?
Glob: At least I don't have long hair like a bit ch, ni gga.
Neck: At least I don't have a va gina like a bi tch, bi tch-ni gger.
McLovin: Is this guy always like this?
DK: Yeah, it never stops.
McLovin: OK, I feel bad for you guys. I'll take it easy on you. I burned all of that manga.
Shep: You spent all that money just to burn it all? Why?
McLovin: Because fu ck weebs. And it wasn't very much money.
DK: But Pack said it was a lot of money.
McLovin: Yeah, I guess 20 bucks is a lot of money to a kid. You know, if you got here an hour earlier you probably would have been in time to stop me. You probably would have needed real guns, though.
DK: Fu cking Alias.
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