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Missions (Part 4)

#1 Posted: 2017.04.20 03:18  |  Edited by: Silver Strike44
Neck: Bet you didn't expect us back so soon, did you fu ck-ni gger?
Pack: The fu ck you ni ggas want now?
Shep: We know you have the rest of the manga. Hand it over.
Pack: I ain't got sh it, my ni gga.
DK: Look, don't make us threaten to tell your mom again.
Pack: Tell my mom then, ni gga. I ain't got nothing to hide. Well no mo manga anyways.
Alias: OK, go get her.
Pack: Well sh it ni gga, you serious? K den. Moms!
Mak: Pack, the fu ck you want, ni gga? I'm tryna get dinner ready fo yo bi tch-a ss.
Pack: These ni ggas wanna have words wit you.
Mak: Pleased to meet you ni ggas, whatchu want?
Shep: Sir, we...
Mak: I ain't no sir. I think you mean ma'am, ni gga. Try again.
Shep: Ma'am, we know you're son has something that doesn't belong to him.
Mak: What, you mean like his daddy's dashin good looks? He sure as sh it does.
Neck: No, he's a fat ugly ni gger. He has some manga that belongs to some weeb-fa g in his class.
Mak: Pack, are these ni ggas talkin about that nice boy Gustavo? You took his manga? You know a ni gga like that can't live witout that sorta thang.
Pack: No moms, I gave that sh it back aready.
Mak: Lil ni gga, don't be lyin to ya moms now.
Pack: Ni gga, I ain't lyin.
Mak: The fu ck'd you say to me? I ain't no ni gga to you, I'm yo moms.
Pack: Yes, moms. All I'm tryna say is I don't have any more of that ni gga's manga.
DK: Then where is the rest of it?
Pack: Oh, I sold that sh it, ni gga. Like I says before, that sh it be worth mad bank.
Alias: Why didn't you tell us that before?
Pack: You didn't ask ni gga, all yous said was I had it. Didn't ask me no questions about what I done did wit it.
Neck: Wouldn't expect anything less from a fu cking ni gger like you. Who the fu ck did you sell it to?
Pack: I ain't quite remember. Mc something.
Alias: McDonald's?!
DK: Shut up, Alias. This doesn't involve McDonald's.
Pack: Well, actually we done made the deal at a McDonald's, ni gga.
Alias: It always involves McDonald's.
Mak: Pack, you talkin about dat ni gga McLovin?
Pack: Yeah, that's the ni gga. He bought all of it.
Shep: And where can we find him?
Pack: Fu ck if I know, ni gga. Maybe try da Micky D's down the street where we done did da thing.
Alias: We finally get to go to McDonald's for a mission? It's about time.
Shep: Not you, lard-neck.
Alias: Why the fu ck not? This is like a dream come true for me.
Shep: Exactly. You go there all the time. You're not just A regular, you're THE regular. You'd raise too much attention.
Alias: Fine, but you guys better bring me some Big Macs.
Shep: Let's go.
Mak: Take care, ni ggas. Have a blessed day.
Neck: Hope you hang, dirty ni ggers.
Shep: OK, Alias, just wait in the car.
Neck: I fu cking hate going to McDonald's. It reminds me too much of a stupid greasy fat-fu ck that we know.
Alias: You couldn't at least wait to get out of the car to say that?
Neck: I couldn't, but I wanted you to hear it.
DK: Hurry up, Neck.
Neck: That's not what your mom said to me last night. She wanted me to take my sweet time.
Shep: Are you two really about to start this again?
Neck: Fu ck yeah, I want this weak bi tch to know how hard I fu cked his mom.
DK: I mean, you didn't. I guess in your mind you might have fu cked her pretty hard. Maybe almost as much as I did your dad's a sshole. Or YOUR mom's jugular.
Neck: Eat sh it, you dumb fa g-ni gger.
DK: It really is too easy.
Neck: Just like your mom, fu ckboy.
Alias: Why are you guys still in here. Just get out of the car.
Shep: Yeah, don't make me beat both of your a sses.
Neck: I'd like to see you try, co ck-suck.
Shep: You wouldn't be the first bi tch whose a ss I've pounded in a McDonald's parking lot. You want to be the latest?
DK: Neck, if Alias only had one arm and one leg, even he could beat your a ss.
Neck: I can fu cking RUIN any of you bi tch-ni ggers. In fact, I could take all 3 of you fa gs at once.
DK: Even Kai could take you and he's paraplegic, autistic, crippled, re tarded, paralyzed, has down syndrome, can't walk, isn't very smart, is in a wheelchair, can't form coherent thoughts, and is a vegetable.
Neck: Fu ck it, let's just go.
Alias: As in fight or go inside the McDonald's?
Neck: As in get away from your fa ggot a ss.
DK: Where should we start?
Neck: Just fu cking ask one of these no-life neck-beards if they know the guy.
Kaiser: Hey, I heard that.
Neck: Good. You probably don't hear that nearly as much as you deserve to. Do you know that fa g McLovin or what?
Kaiser: Oh, I hear it plenty.
Kaiser: Yeah, whatever. What's it to you if I know McLovin. Who wants to know?
Neck: We do, fa g-tard.
Shep: Look, you obviously know him since you didn't just say no. So just tell us.
Kaiser: I don't see any reason to tell you a ssholes anything.
Neck: We'll end your miserable fu cking life. Is that enough of an incentive? Wait, that's probably what you want. If you tell us what we want to know, we can arrange for your sad existence to be brought to an end.
Kaiser: Fu ck that, you aren't going to do sh it. I'm not going to just give up my friend for no fu cking reason. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a customer at the drive-thru.
Neck: Bi tch-ni gger.
Kaiser: Hey, what's up Alias?
DK: Fu cking Alias.
Neck: Yeah, fu cking ni gger.
Alias: Hey Kaiser, could I get 2 dozen Big Macs?
Kaiser: Sure, anything else?
Alias: Yeah, do you know where I can find McLovin?
Kaiser: Yeah, he's not too far. I'll draw you a map.
Alias: Thanks, Kaiser.
Kaiser: Anything for you, Alias. Here are those Macs
Shep: Alias, why didn't you just tell us it would be this easy for you.
Alias: Because you told me to wait in the car.
Shep: But all you had to do was say you could just do that.
Alias: Yeah, but it's way funnier knowing you guys are struggling and it gives me time away from you guys.
Shep: Holy sh it.
Alias: Now hop in, fa gs. And don't touch my Big Macs.
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