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Missions (Part 3)

#1 Posted: 2017.04.20 03:14  |  Edited by: Silver Strike44
Alias: So, we all agreed that you should be the one who gives Gustavo the manga back, Silver.
Silver: Why?
Neck: Because you're a fat ugly ni gger, that's why.
Silver: Don't you mean fat ugly nice guy?
Neck: No, I meant fu cking ni gger.
Silver: So just nice guy? Got it.
DK: Neck's too much of a pu ssy to give it to Gustavo.
Neck: Well, you are what you eat, fa glord.
DK: I guess I should have been more specific then. Neck is his baby sister's pu ssy.
Alias: You probably shouldn't let Gustavo hear you have a baby sister.
Neck: I don't, sh it-for-brains. DK is just being a total qu eer.
DK: So you don't have a little sister anymore? As in she's dead and you still eat her pu ssy? I don't know, that pretty fu cked, Neck.
Neck: Shut the fu ck up, you fa g-fu ck.
DK: Neck, you're just mad that I killed your mother and ra ped your father.
Neck: What?! What the fu ck did you just say to me?! Are you fu cking kidding me, you mother-fu cking co ck-su cker!
DK: Actually, your dad's the one I fu cked, not your mom. I just put your mom in the dirt as soon as I saw that hideous face. And I wasn't the one who sucked co ck, your dad's a ss sucked mine.
Neck: Oh, so you're admitting your a fa g? OK then.
DK: Only if you admit that I dominated your dad.
Neck: I don't have a dad, you stupid fu ck-ni gger!
DK: Not after I was finished with him. He was as good as your mom was. Except she died quickly. And I guess it was a ni gger that did it all. No wonder you hate them.
Neck: No, I hate them because they're fu cking NI GGERS! And you don't have a dad either. We've been through this, baby-di ck.
DK: A baby di ck is all it took to kill your dad? Pretty weak if you ask me. And at least my dad didn't get di cked to death.
Neck: Whatever, fa g. My dad could beat the living sh it out of your dad.
DK: They're dead, so there really isn't any living sh it left in them, but considering how bad of shape I left your dad's corpse in, I think my dad's corpse could probably take him.
Shep: What in the actual fu ck are you guys saying right now? And you fu cks wonder why I say lobotomy so much. Christ.
Neck: Yeah, fu ck this sh it. I don't need any of this, I'm a handsome man with a big di ck.
DK: Geez, Neck, if you're going to overcompensate, at least say you have a huge di ck. It's kind of sad.
Neck: I don't need to overcompensate, bi tch. I know what I've got is more than enough.
DK: Yeah, I hear when you step into the qu eer bars, the man-whor es flock to you.
Neck: Yeah, I bet you like to talk to fa gs about my horse-co ck.
DK: It's more like they tell me about your baby di ck and we have a good laugh.
Shep: Neck, why do you keep going along with the stuff he says? You get hard-trolled every time.
Neck: What do you mean? I'm roasting this fa gs a ss.
Shep: What do I mean? What do you mean? You just get mad and call him names while you get roasted.
DK: Neck's used to taking it and not doing anything about it just like his dad.
Alias: Silver, just give Gustavo the manga so we can all leave and not have to listen to these fa gs anymore.
DK: I guess it would be Silver who does it. He is a bigger man than Neck, after all.
Neck: Bigger ni gger, maybe. I'll give him the fu cking manga.
Shep: Thank fu ck.
Gus: What is this?
Neck: Could you please be more specific, kind sir?
Gus: This is one manga. Where's the rest of it?
Shep: This is what Pack gave us.
Gus: You didn't think to check if he had any more? Imbeciles.
Neck: My deepest apologies. What can we do to make this right?
Gus: Well, I'd say bend over for me, but I won't be able to get hard without the rest of my manga. Go get the rest of it.
Neck: We're on the case! Don't you fret.
DK: Good fu cking job Neck. You didn't grab it all.
Alias: Way I see it, It's all 3 of your faults. You were all at the door and any one of you could have checked for more.
Shep: I'd definitely say this one's on Neck. He was trying maintain his public reputation as a raging racist the whole time and should've just let me work.
Neck: You would side with the re tard and the fa g on this one.
Shep: Seems to me that the re tard and the fa g have been roasting you non-stop. Don't make me finish you. I'll rickshaw you all the way through the gates of he ll and straight into the plane of eternal suffering.
Silver: Just go get the rest of the manga.
Neck: And what are you going to do, Jew-lord?
Silver: File our taxes. Unless you want to?
Neck: Carry on.
Silver: I put gas in the car while you were in there sucking Gustavo's di ck.
Alias: How much?
Silver: Enough.
DK: Icy Jew.
Alias: I'll drive.
Neck: Like sh it you will.
Shep: Show me a valid driver's license and we'll let you drive.
Neck: Yeah, about that...
Shep: That's what I thought. I'll drive.
Alias: How about you, Shepherd?
Shep: What about me?
Alias: Let's see your driver's license.
Shep: Fine. You can drive.
DK: Do you actually have a license, Alias?
Alias: Yeah, there's no McDonald's in jail.
DK: Well, you probably wouldn't go to jail. Just a fine or something.
Neck: Yeah, you aren't a ni gger. Well, you don't have the skin color of a ni gger.
Alias: Well, a fine means less money for McDonald's. It's not a risk I'm willing to take. So let's just get this done so I can get some McDonald's. My blood-McDonald's is getting low.
Neck: What the fu ck does that mean?
Shep: I think it's Alias' version of low blood-sugar.
Alias: Exactly. I have a sort of diabetes and only McDonald's keeps me alive.
Neck: Only fu cking Alias would die from diabetes because he DOESN'T have McDonald's.
DK: Is it really that bad?
Alias: No, I just made that up to fool you guys again. I just really like McDonald's.
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