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Missions (Part 2)

#1 Posted: 2017.04.15 20:11  |  Edited by: Silver Strike44
Neck: Open the door, you over-weight grotesque dark-skins. I know you're in there.
DK: Why'd you say it like that?
Neck: I'm trying to sound more professional. I have a reputation to maintain in public.
Shep: You absolutely do not.
Pack: Whatchu want, ni ggas?
Neck: Did you just call me a ni gger?
Pack: I said ni gga, my ni gga, It ain't the same sh it.
Shep: Are you in Gustavo's class.
Pack: Is that the ni gga that always be sittin' in the back tryna suck his own di ck?
DK: Definitely.
Shep: Look, we're here on his behalf.
Pack: How 'bout you start 'splainin' why den, my ni gga.
Shep: Look, kid, you might want to watch your mouth.
Pack: And why might dat be, my ni gga.
Neck: Because we'll have you lynched for being a fu cking ni gger!
DK: Neck, they don't do that to ni ggers anymore. They save it for mentally unstable re tards with the emotional capabilites of an infant like you.
Neck: Nope, it's exclusively for ni ggers. I've seen enough lynchings in my time.
Shep: What, one a year for your birthday? I don't think 5 is enough to talk like you know.
Neck: One of these days all of you fu cking ni ggers are going to get the noose then we'll see what you have to say about. OHWAITNOTHINGBECAUSEYOU'LLBEFU CKINGDEADHAHAHAHA.
Shep: Yeah, OK. What you should really be scared of is the guy in the car over there with the sniper rifle whose motto is all-out-attack.
Pack: Look, mayne, I'm just a lil ni gga. I'll do whatchu want. I ain't tryna get gunned down like dis. Y'all ain't even the Crypts or the Bloods, nam sayin'? Wait, you ain't right?
DK: No, do we look like dumb greasers?
Pack: Well, you ni ggs do look sorta dumb, but I spose you ain't no bangers.
Shep: Alright, we're here for Gustavo's manga.
Pack: Aight, I know what I done said, but I can't do that for yous ni ggas.
Neck: And why the fu ck not, you bi tch-ni gger?
Pack: I'ma sell that sh it for mad bank, ni gga. 'Sides, me and dat ni gga Gustavo? We in 7th grade now. Dere's new rules now. Ain't no mo' takesies-backsies, ni ggas.
DK: We aren't asking for takesies-backsies. We're threatening your life.
Pack: My life ain't worth what that manga is, my ni gga.
Neck: Your life isn't worth a fu cking thing, you dumb ni gger. I'm going to kill you after you give us the fu cking manga just to prove a point.
Pack: Well sh it. I definitely ain't givin' it to you now, ni gga.
Shep: Look, don't make us tell your mom.
Pack: No, no, no please don't tell my mom!
DK: Then hand it over.
Pack: Fine, here it is. I couldn't pry those pages open anyways. Too much c um. Hard to believe it all came from one guy.
DK: Why'd you start talking like that.
Pack: Like what my ni gga?
Neck: Like a weak bi tch.
Pack: I ain't know whatchu tryna get at. Isa hardened ni gga out here, g.
Shep: Yeah, OK. Keep your nose clean, kid.
Neck: And watch your back, ni gger.
Pack: Come at me, my ni gga.
DK: And watch your mom's back.
Pack: No, not my mom! Anything else, please!
Alias: What happened?
DK: You got the sticky-a ss manga back.
Shep: Alias, I actually can't believe you didn't fire the gun.
Alias: Was I supposed to?
DK: No. It wasn't needed
Alias: Oh, OK. Well, I tried to, but Silver didn't buy any bullets.
Neck: Fu cking Jew.
Alias: Speaking of Silver being a Jew, he didn't buy us enough gas to get back.
DK: Guess we're walking.
Neck: No sh it, f aglord.
DK: I'm not the one who was eye-balling the 7th grader.
Neck: Are you actually fu cking kidding me right now?
DK: No, pedophilia is a very serious topic. I don't joke about it. But it is hilarious how g ay you are.
Shep: It's not pedophilia if that kid is in 7th grade and Neck just dropped out of 8th grade this year.
Neck: I dropped out of high school and that was because of fu cking NI GGERS!
Alias: Geez, calm down Neck.
Shep: Yeah, I don't know if I'd be yelling that while walking back through this neighborhood. You might ruin your public reputation.
Neck: You really think so?
Shep: I would certainly be concerned.
Neck: I think you're right. I would like to hereby announce that black people are in fact highly respectable and undeserving of the prejudice that too many from our society direct toward them.
DK: If you care so much about your public reputation, then why weren't you talking like this to that kid.
Neck: Because he was a dumb fu cking ni gger. I don't give a flying fu ck about him.
Shep: Lobotomized.
Alias: For real. It's incredible how much of a buffoon you are, Neck.
Neck: Did you just call me a buffoon?
DK: Yeah, he did. Alias is ruining you lately.
Neck: I will not allow my good reputation to be tarnished by a swine such as Alias and he certainly won't be doing anything in the neighborhood of ruining said reputation.
Shep: Speaking of neighborhoods, I think we're almost out of this sh it-hole.
DK: Let's just give Gustavo this manga and get our pay.
Shep: How about we make Silver do it? We all know he's going to jew a cut for himself anyways, so he should at least have to do something.
Neck: Fu ck yeah, I'm sure as sh it not doing it.
Silver: What took you guys so long?
Neck: You didn't give us enough gas, Jew-ni gger.
Silver: I gave you exactly enough gas, actually.
DK: Well, we just had to walk back because we didn't have enough gas, so...
Silver: Did you let the car run while not driving?
Alias: Yeah.
Silver: Well, that'll do it.
Neck: You didn't give us any bullets or more than one gun either, Jew.
Silver: Did you need them?
Alias: Nope.
Silver: Well then it sounds like I gave you more than enough to work with. In fact, I'm going to return that rifle since it wasn't fired.
Neck: Fu cking Jew.
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