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[BOSAC] Warclone Fabrication Depot

Sebiestor Field Sappers
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2017.03.29 14:10
With great pleasure, I would like to announce that the Bosena Accords now have an operational Raitaru and is open to the public for anyone to use. It will serve as our main operations for the construction of ships and modules. It already has the high sec ore rig for better-reprocessing rates and at a later time will later have the Low and null sec ore rig and the I2 ice rig. At the moment we plan on installing The research lab services for improving Blueprints but that is currently not a priority.

I alone have spent many hours and called in some favors to acquire this engineering complex and am proud to know that it is fully operational. once all goes well and everything is paid off for it, I hope this will be a wonderful place for all Industry workers will come to manufacture and reprocess to their heart's content.

But for the meantime, its services will be offline for this week for the fact I have too many things to take care of right now but as soon as I am done taking care of my own business it will be put back online right away!

- Knight Guard Fury
The Bosena Accord

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Matari Signatori of the Bosena Accords

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