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#1 Posted: 2017.02.20 20:55
We, the best, salt-free community of Dust 514 welcome you to the game. As you may have noticed you can't access the game on the PS3. There is a way to bypass this little inconvenience.
Here are the steps:
1) Make a small donation to the Eve space pope-Max Singularity

2)Sacrifice a hefty amount of NPC to Bob.
2-b: don't forget Rob too, he likes salty tears.
2-c: if you even think about Stan you have to start the process over

3)once you have completed the steps above, message us here on this thread with your donation amount and we will send you an in-game invite through Eve for Nova. The bigger the donation the faster you will get our attention. Good luck

Your friendly Pub match logi

#2 Posted: 2017.02.20 21:31
Step 4: **** Max Singlecherry and embrace Anarchy

Sanity is a myth

Imperium Eden
#3 Posted: 2017.04.05 20:52

And you get a like! And you get a like! And you, and you, and you!

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