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EVE Online's Clone State System in Nova?

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#1 Posted: 2017.01.08 19:23  |  Edited by: Terry Webber
Thanks to EVE Online's Ascension update, the game has experienced a significant increase in player numbers and are holding steady. If CCP ever decides to release Nova as a product, the game can use the same system to give players the option to play for free or pay a subscription. But since Nova is more of a boots-on-the-ground kind of game, it can't have exactly the same restrictions as EVE. So I made this thread to collect ideas on how this system will work. So feel free to discuss.
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#2 Posted: 2017.01.09 12:39
Honestly, I think their best bet is staying F2P and capitalizing as much as possible on people's obsession with cosmetics for micro-transactions.

Easy money. Just look at Warframe.

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#3 Posted: 2017.01.09 14:23
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#4 Posted: 2017.01.09 14:51  |  Edited by: Pokey Dravon
Yeah...I still maintain that clone states in EVE does not make it free to play. In a game where endless progression is a key part of the game, the fact that alpha clones severely limit that progression with a hard cap, makes the alpha clone state more of a glorified demo than anything else, and that's fine. The end intention is that players will upgrade to Omega, so the game is still really pay to play, and that's also OK.

Now the issue I think you'll run into is that if you use the same model for Nova, you've produce effectively a subscription based FPS title on PC....Which you see basically none of for good reason. I just don't think the fps genre is compatible with such a model because I don't think consumers will accept it. And marketing the game as free to play but then players hit the progressioj pay wall 3-6 months into playing? I think that's going to generate a lot of negative impressions.
#5 Posted: 2017.01.09 15:31  |  Edited by: DeadlyAztec11
I agree with the above sentiment. In terms of long lasting support with good developer-player interaction nothing beats a cosmetically driven economy. CS:GO has done it, GTA V, Team Fortress and Overwatch. It generates revenue and is not intrusive on gameplay.

You can even see in games like BO3 that when additions were cosmetic only the game was well, but when they started adding new items that changed the way people play and made people pay for it they hit a **** storm dead on.

The way I would like to see them do it is exactly like Overwatch. Make players pay upfront for the game, then give players the ability to play and earn random cosmetic rewards and then give the option to buy more random ways (loot boxes) to get those prizes. And having events every few months in order to release cosmetic items for a limited time only would incentivize people to play more and pay more. Playing more is important because then players have a more enjoyable experience because there is a wider range of connection/skill types and also it generates hype that could be used to attract new players.

The thing with subscription based in an FPS is that it doest have staying power. In EVE online you can mine and stuff like that outside of combat, but in an FPS it's only ever a fight and ultimately it's hard to justify paying a subscription when your interest will fizzle out for intermediate durations.

I digress, I would like to see a demo added as well, so people feel more comfortable buying the full game.

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#6 Posted: 2017.01.09 15:44

I posted this idea a while back on a potential monetization model for Nova. Essentially a F2P-Subscription hybrid.

I think it combines the best of both and benefits CCP and the players

It got some mixed reviews from the people here, let me know what you think.


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#7 Posted: 2017.01.09 16:25
As long as I can buy BPO's I'll blow cash mulla on Nova

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#8 Posted: 2017.01.09 22:53
F2p please.

Just let us buy ingame items with real money.

Like boosters and bpos.

Maybe officer class bpos.

Just saying.
#9 Posted: 2017.01.10 01:31
sub based fps game...


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#10 Posted: 2017.01.10 16:54
Viktor Hadah Jr wrote:
sub based fps game...


My thoughts exactly. When it comes to FPS you kind of have to either go one-time-purchase or free-to-play.

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#11 Posted: 2017.01.10 17:48
Mobius Wyvern wrote:
Viktor Hadah Jr wrote:
sub based fps game...


My thoughts exactly. When it comes to FPS you kind of have to either go one-time-purchase or free-to-play.

I can't imagine any scenario where a subscription would be justified for NOVA as only a standalone functioning FPS arena shooter. If it's tied to EvE (deeply), then that's another conversation. Honestly, I can't really imagine paying for a game up front if still it's only a functioning FPS arena shooter. For me, there would have to be a PVE/mission level objective or something like that going for it to justify buying it off the shelf. I don't think I would ever sub though just to run around a map. Unless of course CCP finds some new gimmick that breaks the mold.


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