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The Election (Part 4)

#1 Posted: 2016.12.18 08:26  |  Edited by: Silver Strike44
Silver: Let's get right back into it. For this debate, we had citizens submit questions and I let Destroyer pick some he liked.
Air: Oi, I picked some real nice ones, m8s.
Neck: What the fu ck, you aren't going to make DK respond to the human trafficking thing?
Silver: He already did.
Neck: All he did was give a bullsh it answer and then try to turn the attention onto me.
Air: From whence I come they call that good politics, m8.
Neck: Alright, fu ck it. I guess this sh it IS rigged.
DK: It's only rigged when it's bad for me. It can't be rigged against you.
Neck: Why?
DK: American society has always favored brokedi ck ni ggers like you. How else do you explain Obamacare?
Neck: And now it's fine for him to say ni gger?
Silver: If you haven't noticed, it doesn't matter how offensive of things you say. How else would you two have made it this far? It only affects what kind of people vote for you.
Neck: From what I understand, it doesn't even matter who votes for us. All we have to do is win these debates.
Silver: That is correct. All you need are the points.
DK: I'm surprised this dipsh it has the mental capacity to even pretend to understand a basic concept like that.
Neck: Fu ck you, bi tch-ni gger.
Silver: Enough of this, let's get into the questions. The first one comes from one K. Sosai. He asks "What will you do to stop the oppression of the lower classes? My boss is a total as shole. He treats me like sh it and threatens to fu ck my girlfriend if I don't stay in line or worse. I fear for my life every night and sometimes wonder if it really would be easier to just let it all end or if maybe I should just do it myself. Please for the love of God, help me." Nice choice, Destroyer.
Air: Thanks, m8.
Silver: Choose your words carefully when answering these questions. The people who submit them as well as millions of impressionable viewers are surely watching right now.
Neck: It sounds like this pu ssy-a ss bi tch SHOULD just fu cking kill himself.
DK: Yeah, I agree. Seems like a waste of life. He should just do everyone a favor and drink some bleach.
Neck: Or better yet, someone should form a mob and lynch him. Then at least he will have provided society with something: a little enjoyment.
DK: Yeah, something like that. Next question please.
Silver: This one comes from out of the country, but Destroyer decided to include it.
Air: Ye, fu ck it, m8.
Silver: R. 837 asks "What will you do to protect the environment from those scumbags from large corporations such as Asset Attainment LTD? I like to hunt chipmunks and small deer with my .50 caliber rifle when I'm not taking part in training matches and I sure won't be able to do that if those a ssholes destroy all the forests, eh? And speaking of my large guns, what will you aboot gun control?" Go ahead, DK.
DK: Fu ck the forests. I'll tear them all down and use the wood to build guillotines for the greasers that manage to get past my beautiful wall of text. And I guess to answer the second question, I would also use some of the lumber to build regulation-free gun shops across America.
Silver: And how about you, Neck?
Neck: OK, so trees give you oxygen and oxygen is super important. I would know considering how much I talk and scream.
DK: Isn't that the truth.
Neck: Shut up. So, obviously DK is mega re tarded for saying he's going to cut down all the trees. We would all die.
DK: If we just killed you, there would be plenty of oxygen for everybody.
Neck: Not if there are no trees sh it-di ck. As for the guns, we should have plenty of regulations to make sure they can under no circumstances ever end up in the hands of a nigg-black person.
Silver: Ok, next question. N. Munson asks "DK, what do you have to say about your numerous all-girl private middle schools you named after yourself? You used them as a front for your human trafficking scheme and hired child mol esters and rap ists like me to be teachers for those unsuspecting juicy, wide-eyed, bushy-bushed pre-teen delights. So, yeah, what do you have to say for yourself?" I guess I'll let DK answer this one first.
DK: Are you kidding me? How is this not an absolutely loaded question and how is this sh it not rigged?
Silver: How could it be rigged? Destroyer hand-picked these questions.
Air: Ye, it seemed like a jolly good question, this one.
Neck: Yeah, seems jolly good to me.
Silver: I guess you don't have to answer it if you don't want.
DK: I would have to be on a Neck level of re tardation to not address that.
Silver: OK, go ahead then.
DK: Those schools were absolutely not what I used as the front for my human trafficking scheme.
Silver: Anything to add, Neck?
Neck: For once, nope.
Silver: Alright, time for the final question. Another one from out of country. M. Mojo asks "Where the fu ck are my myofibril stimulants you stupid gringo? You promised me enough blueprints to fit in all of my high slots on my caldari assault suit if I supplied you with 10 million Mexican slaves and I held up my end of the bargain. Time to pay up." Neck can have the first stab at this one.
Neck: Another great question. I would like to respond with a question of my own. Does that stupid fu ck not know that you only need one of those blueprints for all of your high-slots?
DK: He was fully aware of that when we made the deal. One myofib blueprint for 10 million human lives. Well, lives.
Air: Oi, he agreed to trade one blueprint for 10 million people?
DK: Yeah, scrublords REALLY like myofibs. Hey, wait a minute. That was another rigged question.
Air: Sorry, m8. Better luck next time.
Silver: Next time indeed. That is all we have time for today. Tune in to the third and final debate to find out who will be our next president. Good night.
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