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now that i think about it.

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#1 Posted: 2016.11.28 17:59
i kinda think dust started to go down hill for me when the laser rifle was first nerfed.

and the free default militia lav was removed.

it was somewhere around that tme frame. although vehicles got a little better during 1.7.

i think the ground game was best before uprising. ttk was a bit longer. i could actually run across the map without instantly getting gunned down by some guy who saw me. firefights would break out all across the entire maps rather than be completely focused in a specific area.

this was all basically when i first started playing. was still running unmodified starter suits at the time as well.

oh and every1 was basically always on the minimap regardless of where they were.Cool made orbitals so much more effective.

and sneaking around for some reason was easier. for me atleast.

great potential is always there..

it just has yet to be realized

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True Pros Forever
#2 Posted: 2016.11.29 18:04
oh I just remembered. the little circle dance of death I tended to win as well. where both players who ended up in a close range battle with assault rifles would both basically strafe around each other until the one with worse aim died. those were fun.

yep. those were the days. miss that long ttk. miss having to unload 2 whole clips of a miltia assault rifle into a heavy in order to bring em down.

remember having to callout enemy heavies to warn team members during those days. during the later stages. never really heard any form of communication that called out specific enemy players during the middle of a battle.

it felt like all people would announce is whether they died. or to which points they were headed to and from.

great potential is always there..

it just has yet to be realized

Silent Insanity...

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