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#1 Posted: 2016.10.24 22:26  |  Edited by: Hunter Junko
"You dont have to do this, Little Hya'salia" the man said as the woman before him, began packing the little things she had in her Living Module. as one would note the similarities, one can also note the differences between them.

whereas the Robe-wearing elder stood in a solid show of patience and hidden strength, the woman was the opposite, burning with seemingly endless amounts of energy, as she seemingly bound from one area to the next, throwing in datapads into her knapsack.

"cant see other choices in the matter, old man." Hya'salia remarked as she got her stuff together, slinging the knapsack full of essential goods over her back.

"isnt the deactivation of the Implants reason enough?" the man began to protest

"Well those who i... worked with, they need help. and as much as everyone else around here believes that we immortals are akin to capsuleers, we are not. we control the battles, butthey?" she pointed a finger up towards the heavens.

"they control monsters. The Avatars and the Rhea's and the Nyx's and ev-even the Mastodons"

" but the strength you hold! its-"

"I'm Human now, father. look-" Hy'salia slid out her Sigis pistol, cocked it and pointed it at her head. her father's eyes grew in shock and momentarily darted forward, hands reaching out to stop his daughter like a mother reaching out for a newborn baby falling over.
"i pull this trigger now...I'm gone, no tech to bring me back, no... implants to save my soul. just the Grand Caravan, towards paradise " She said.

"can you reacttivate the implants then?"

"and risk dishonoring the Oath I made? to never again return? yes, but i wont need them. they needed experience , experience i can provide,given a few years until the Accords are well-established, then.." Hya'salia looked over, towards the Setting Sun. her father softened, and after a while he let go of his daughter as she lowered her pistol letting the mag-holster snap back to place at her hip.

"then i'll be back, for good this time. no more sightseeing, no more contracts, just Tribal elder Hy'salia, pops." she said, as they turned to look at each other, and in his eyes, they burned the same fire as she had. whatever thoughts her father had, they were conveyed by his expression, one that read ' im sad, but im proud of you'

he gave a quick nod, and then hugged his daughter, Hya'salia was carfeul to return the hug. patting her father in the back.

"Just be careful, Little Hya'salia"

"i will Pops" She replied, and then when they seperated, she slowly made way to the hangar docks nearby, her father behind her, until they reached the Dropship.

Hya'salia wasted no time spooling up the ion-engines as she began her routine -prechecks, as her father stood inside the ship, marveling at the speed in which his daughter could operate the vehicles to such a high degree of dexterity.

"what do you need help with Hya'salia? for the Trip to the Accords?"

"Because the planet the Acoords HQ is located at, will have a lower gravitational pull, i'll need to prepare a suite of advanced grav-panels in order to accomodate that. I know the folks down by district 14 are preparing the orders as we speak. plus, as the only pilot with any experience with low grav planets, i know that lower gravity doesn't necessarily mean more heavier loads, something alot people have been forgetting about since. i'll need to bring in a team of engineers to make special modifications to the planetary transportation systems to correct the way the distribution network operates."

"how so?"

"Because, the planet had been literally razed to the ground, back in March .all i know is that they have set up a transport hub to manage the operations of the Accord, but its tacky at best. no to mention the loss of comms as well, they might need a few spare essentials to begin laying the foundations to their headquarters."

"what about the capsuleers?"

"what about them? they're off fighting each other for scraps of extra ISK to line their pockets"Hya'salia retorted as the engines finally fired up. Her father nodded, and stepped off of the Myron as it began to hover, slightly.

"and the ships?"

"In orbit on the station above. i had Issac prepare them earlier"

over the cockpit, Hya'salia looked at her father one last time, and over headset comms she could hear her father uttering prayers to Skymother She smiled warmly at her father. the tightness of her chest beginning once again as fond memories of her and her father momentarily flashed before her.

"Ny't Dyohas Atho Wyn'arii, Hya'salia" Her father finished.

"Thanks, and goodbye old man" she said, disabling the comms as she turned to the setting sun.

'and.... im sorry. ' she said to herself, before slamming engines to full, launching her into the heavens once more.
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