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#1 Posted: 2016.07.11 09:16
I'm drifting through the days, aimlessly.
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#2 Posted: 2016.07.11 10:19
All I'm doing is waiting for Dust's successor.

...and Nekopara vol.3...which will be in VR...

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#3 Posted: 2016.07.11 16:28
Me too OPSad

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#4 Posted: 2016.07.31 13:33
Yep, nothing quite like Dust out there, miss it much.

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#5 Posted: 2016.08.01 16:08  |  Edited by: Jaytyn Chevalier
I dreamt that I was running around on the terrain with with my Gallente assault last night

This game can go in so many different directions it inspired me to try to make a game of my own on based on what i experienced in Dust, this game wass brutal and challenging yet I amde great friends and had great memories I do hope at least they make and offline mode where we shoot bots (where the player can pic a terrain and faction to fight and whether or no the enemy uses vehicles) and lets us keep using the gears and skills we all worked hard for and earned at least that should give the fans of this game and later generations a chance to experience a side of eve that propelled them into the future

Cone to think of it CCP's words on their recruitment page

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#6 Posted: 2016.08.13 08:51
Dewie Cheecham wrote:
I'm drifting through the days, aimlessly.

I'm feeling the same way. The only game that I play now is just Battlefield. After descended my Corp decided to go to Battlefield just because we didn't know any other game that we can link now that dust is over I no longer know anyone else from our corporate and more all of them were on my friends list and now they have all been gone for over a month. There is a few of my Corp members still on but there is very few left.

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#7 Posted: 2016.09.04 11:28
Yeah, I know how you feel man.


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#8 Posted: 2016.09.16 17:50
i guess i should delete my copy of dust 514. i keep trying to log in to the servers early in the morning.

actually. i just moved on to dark souls 2.

and deleted dust for more space. since. i cant play it anymore. but with how bored i am with out. yes i would very much like to play again.

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it just has yet to be realized

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#9 Posted: 2016.10.10 20:00
I miss Dust. I haven't found an FPS, or even a TPS, that comes close to it.

Haven't found a community as dedicated as this one either. Not on this scale anyway.

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#10 Posted: 2016.11.18 02:20
Keeping the dream alive!!!!

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#11 Posted: 2016.11.23 21:02
i think im going to miss Crushing I. er. mean. "Training" those newbies most of all..

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#12 Posted: 2016.11.23 22:06
Wait, what the fack is this thread doing in the features and ideas forum??? What?StraightUgh

Every dollar spent waging the war on drugs is a dollar not spent genetically engineering nekos for domestic ownership.

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