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Signing Out...

#1 Posted: 2016.06.06 10:01
A broad spectrum message was dispersed to all corners of New Eden, the recipient being anyone who cared to view it. Heavily encrypted, it would likely take a Khanid Cyber Knight to decipher beyond the context of its contents, let alone trace back the source. The message begins, with a faint flicker of static over the dimly lit silhouette of a sitting man. The man is clearly Intaki, if his facial features are any indicator, clad in severely damaged armor. In his bauled fist is the bunched hair of a disembodied head, still oozing blood from the stump neck.

"I won't sugar coat this - things have changed. All of my previous contacts are dead - truly dead - or gone. I've been blacklisted from everything. My assets, my credits, even my warbarge denied me access. I knew something was peculiar, but I didn't know why. That was until this son of a ***** tried to off me. I'mma level with you, I'm barely alive. I spent the last hour choking on my own blood. So let's get to the point.

I hope they only came after me. They've already nyxxed several dozen of my crew. Immortals who didn't wake up because there wasn't a clone to wake up in. There is no coming back from this one. Let's be honest with ourselves - without our gear, we're worthless. Go into hiding. No-one is going to save you, no-one is going to help you. Don't trust anyone who hasn't died for you already, and even then trust them about as far as a bullet can reach them."

The Intaki grunts, shaking his head as he lowers his gaze to the floor. A trickle of blood begins to drip from his long, black hair in a pool between his boots. He drops the severed head with an unceremonious, wet 'thump'. With a long sigh he returns his gaze to the video feed.

"I'm done for. Few too many bullets, not enough paste to close the wounds. Get as far away from Empire Space as you can and never stop flying until there's no-where left to fly.... This is Aeon Amadi, former privateer and contractor... Signing Out..."

The message comes to an abrupt end, returning to its start position.

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#2 Posted: 2016.06.10 13:32
Sounds like you have had a rough time of it Amadi. I'm keeping eyes and ears open but I don't expect anyone to chance an attempt on my life.

Not that I'm really hiding. It's more of a... change of scenery. That said I'll keep it in mind that I'm likely to be a danger in public to those closest to me.

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