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The End

#1 Posted: 2016.06.01 13:36
For those of you who still remember, I wrote a blog about the life of a clone soldier from the point of view of my character Denak. With my increasing disinterest in DUST and lack of motivation in general it has been largely inactive for the past year or so. But now, with DUST 514 servers shut down and only the desolate forums left to remind us of all the good times we've had, I decided to write one final entry, fittingly called The End.

DUST 514 has been an incredible ride that I have had the privilege to participate in for almost three years now. All of you that participated in the lore side of things, discussing, debating and playing out the various different stories were all an incredible joy for me to read and take part in. My only wish is that Project Nova will give me an opportunity to analyze and open discussions on things once more.
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