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Unable to connect

Paladin Survey Force
Amarr Empire
#1 Posted: 2016.06.01 06:08
It says that my login credentials are not valid + dust 514 is no longer in operation but still are 16333 players online on tranquility server!
#2 Posted: 2016.06.01 11:40

No, you're not seeing Ghosts.
Tranquility now only reflects the Eve players online.

Dust has settled, and the New Eden Mercs are awaiting the big flash in the sky.

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Paladin Survey Force
Amarr Empire
#3 Posted: 2016.06.08 19:05
So Dust514 won't come back???

DUST University
#4 Posted: 2016.06.08 21:27
Codrut Stefan wrote:
So Dust514 won't come back???



At least not for the console anymore. CCP put forth Project Nova as the spiritual successor of Dust 514 for the PC.

But I'm sure many will ask what's the difference between Project Nova and the now-forgotten Project Legion. The differences are literally obvious. Nova was playable directly by the players at Fanfest 2016 while Legion was not. Nova is built from scratch using UE4 while Legion was not. Hell, we managed to get far more details and information on Nova than with Legion. If you look at the recent Fanfest videos you will notice the Minmatar Precision Rifle which is a new weapon we all wanted. We now suspect Nova might end up on Steam thanks to Kevall Longstride (current member of the CPM).

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#5 Posted: 2016.06.13 01:39
Mine says unable to connect what do i do?
#6 Posted: 2016.06.13 12:40
AJ06 wrote:
Mine says unable to connect what do i do?

Is this a foolie ?

Just in case it isn't, kindly read the post above yours.


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