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Come Fly With Me (planetside, terran republic)

#1 Posted: 2016.05.30 21:27
I've been at it for like a year and a half flying galaxies on Planetside 2. We pretty much last for over an hour, sometime for a whole 2 hour alert, and are in the thick of 96/96+ player fights. I was a dropship pilot in dust before switching to galaxies on planetside. If you want to gun or just need transport I welcome you. I usually just pick up randoms but I often get full 15 player ship because they see my galaxy lasting forever and I'm usually the first to arrive at the next contested base. I actually get ppl fighting to board my ship. We can use mic or not, I can do either. Mic helps tho a lot. The air frame and turrets are all upgraded.

This community was a lot of fun so I look forward to anyone interested. I also run as engineer on the ground and sometimes heavy assault. I can rep your max or resupply your ammo, I drop auto turrets and claymores so we can have a fallback point. I can show you how to survive.

Walmartian, Terran Republic, Genudine Server

AKA Exterminator Walmartian, PS2/Genudine server

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