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Sebiestor Field Sappers
Minmatar Republic
#1 Posted: 2016.05.30 08:24
Within one of the hulls of the great Caravans, a lone figure studied the view from the outside the Wildlands. her nose crinkled from the odd metallic smell of the oils and the smoke from the nearby layers of machinery needed to keep the hulking beast alive, rather it was the nostalgia it brought her from the colorful past she had, as a Logistics Officer, as a pilot, as a captain, as a Soldier.

insticntively, she ran a hand to the back of her neck, over the stitches where the implant, that accursed was located and deactivated. its all too simple to turn it off, her gateway into the realm of the immotrals, the sudden deaths, that power. the strength of the clones she's used, and the weapons, the tools that she had in her disposal.

she began remembering.

her first death, the grenade from some unknown blood raider, as she tried to rescue her crew, before the conversion.

her first mission she can remember, the heart in your mouth feeling as she flung herself out into the battlefield, as well as into the world of a mercenary.

the first corporation, the first sense of belonging,

her first dropship, the Myron-class, the moment she decided that to support her team was best.

her first foray into Logistics, reviving members of her crew, sacrificing firepower for the repair tool

her first leisure clone, a second body, as close as she can be to be 'human.

her first major operation. Cal-prime. the bitter cold, the first wave of dropships falling into the planet, and later the smell of ionized air from the blaster turrets, cutting apart her comrades and herself.

her first job, as a worker in Ishukone, after the shiigeru crashed into the planet, after she wanted to leave the world she knew for no less than a few years.

her first foray back into running courier contracts, reunited with Issac Va'an and the crew after so long.

her final moments before she became human again..

such images, memories and sensations chilled her to the core, made her swear to leave that life behind. to get on with the duties as a tribal elder and move on into the grander stage of things.

yet here she is, pondering whether the network was a good idea after all, when another figure walked up beside her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"didnt sleep well?"

"Yeah, just some bad memories issac" She replied, turning to face her trusted confidant. Issac nodded silently, her own memories casting a much bleaker side of his storied past.

from admiral to homeless, to captain and first mate again.

"war changes people, Hyasalia... and as much as you hated to be into that world, its changed you too" was the words that came out of his mouth, as Hyasalian shook her head and returned to staring into the stars.

"i just... i just wonder if everything there was worth the pain, the suffering. first the clone soldiers arrived, and now, the rumours.."

"you mean of the purge?"

"yeah, maybe it wasnt what most of us Mi'henwyr wanted... but i just cant help but wonder, how unfair it must've been for us, like chess pieces in the board..."

".the slates been wiped clean.. and thus the pawns go back in the box." Issac Finished. Hya'salia looked over her shoulder, eyebrows raised as Issac took the words from her mouth.

"dont look at me, its been years knowing you, so i know what you might be thinking" Issac said as she lightly shrugged his shoulders, keeping his hands behind his back as he walked next to her, his golden Scrambler pistol rested neatly inside his holster.

"and to be honest, i dont think the purge will do much to quell the clones. life will move on, and some of them will act out in revenge, some will try to retain what little power they have, and few.." Issac gestured towards his fellow captain.

"will take the part of Penum-jamad" the last two words make Hya'salia Chuckle softly, as she looked down onto her wristcomp, brushing off some imaginary specks of dust on the curved screen.

"huh, for an amarrian i didnt you know you knew about the story of the Skymother" Hyasalia retorted, later looking up toards Issac, who again shrugged in response.

" know thy enemy" he replied. the small beginnings of a smile formed from the both of them, until the sounds of a chuckle began on Hya'salia's end.

from the stars, one seemed to burn brightly, until the image of an Amarrian Diplomatic ship arrived. the both of them stopped and stared out towards the ship as it began entering the docking ports nearby.

"looks like the rest of the gang is here" Hyasalia said, standing straight, once more. Issac nodded slowly, and the two of em began walking out into the Hangar bays, where the sounds of machinery was replaced by the sounds of chatter, as various memebers of the four races, Matari- Gallente-Cladarian, and amarrian mingled about. Hya'salia moved past the crowd, earning stares that she was used to long before, as the Amarrian ship belted out one lone figure, clad in the traditional Amarrian clothing similar to Issac Military Uniform.

"D'weu, Welcome to the Network, this bucket of bolts are not what you might expect" Hya'salia began, waving a hand to the scenery behind her. Issac stood firm.

"but it'll keep you safe, old friend"
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