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Never finished

#1 Posted: 2016.05.30 05:43
Refreak came back from his last battle and sat on his couch. He, checked his necom and saw most of his assets gone. With the clone program ending, he gave away what he couldn't waste. But he kept a few weapons and one suit, his Balac's Ck. 0. He didn't know why, maybe it was just to have something to remember. He wasn't sure

He started to wonder why he joined in the first place. Thinking back on it, he just joined on a whim. But that didn't matter anymore. He joined the program and that's all there was too it. He began stuffing his back, remembering the battles he had. All of the people he killed, but at the same time, not really. He never kept count, luckily, his neocom did. But what he did keep track of, was how many times he died. The times he felt his conscious slipping away into nothing and suddenly being thrown into another body. He never got used to it and probably never will.

For the past month, he wondered what he would do now that the program has ended, for the time being, at least. At first, he thought of joining the army, then he thought of being a pole dancer in some city. Ultimately, he decided to open a bar at his home town. There were no bars, being the small town that it was, and with all of the ISK he made during the program, he had enough to fund the bar for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, Refreak didn't have a lifetime. No, he had much longer than that. But after all of the battles he had, the challenges he never overcame, the pain he endured, he decided. A nice, quiet, boring life. That's all he wanted now. He wasn't tired of the fighting, the failures, no, he just wanted to take a break.

Deep down, he knew that he wasn't finished. No, the program will never finish, no matter how many clones lose their minds. But that was fine. It was fine because Refreak wasn't finished with the program either. In the years to come, it will start again. And once this life he wants to start ends, he'll be back.

In the meantime, he'll be satisfied talking to a bunch of drunks and telling war stories of his very own. He used to love those as a kid and in a sick, twisted way, he loves them now. Then he remembered a conversation he once heard about Archurian school girl doujins. Unfortunately, that got him curious and now reading them has become a hobby of his.

The last thing he put in his bag was the helmet for his Balac's. He felt as though something was staring at him from underneath the helmet. "Never finished." he thought, zipping the bag up. He got up and slung the bag over his shoulder as he began walking to the door.

As the door slid open, he looked back at the room he spent so little time in. But this room felt like home for him. He gave a sad smile as he cut off the lights, turning off everything in the room. As he walked out, the doors closed behind him and he saw several others conversing in the halls. Some were walking to the hanger, where Refreak was going.

He passed them all up. They ignored him, just like he ignored them. In their eyes, he was just another stupid blueberry. in his eyes, they were people who killed him. Again, that didn't matter anymore. he was on his way back home anyways and many of them probably won't be back for the program's replacement when it happens.

Refreak made it to the hanger with his bag filled with a few weapons and his suit. He never kept anything with him. Most of his stuff was immediately sent back to his home, his real home. A place he hasn't been to in years. Thinking about home, an image of the room he just left comes to mind.

He boarded the shuttle and as the ship took off, he saw his station one last time. It'll be a while before he sees it again. But he will see it again. He'll see it because he'll never finish. So he'll go back. Back to the place where he started this new life. Sinq Laison. Estene.


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