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POSTYOURGAMERINFOHERE. PSC502on psn and youtube/twitch ect...

Predators Pack
#1 Posted: 2016.05.23 09:18
Give us your info here so we can keep track and keep in touch(yes DUST players are very touchy/feelly) If you want to keep track of Paulus Phen" your internet friend"(and I'm sure you all do) you can find me here, there, and somewhere...maybe. Hope to see you "out there". Get your ticket on the otherside.

"There's no stoppin' what can't be stopped, no killin' what can't be killed," King Willie Predator II.

Bacon with a bottle of Quafe
#2 Posted: 2016.05.23 14:35
Petequo, for those that know me.

Both for PSN and Steam.

Scouts United

Gk.0s & Quafes all day.

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