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Planetary Response Organisation
#1 Posted: 2016.05.18 23:18  |  Edited by: Slayer Deathbringer
Slayer Deathbringer was visiting his family when CONCORD came again.This time however, Slayer Deathbringer had left to get a new datapad as CONCORD was able to access it. When he came back he saw a third-gen CONCORD soldier and his only remaining family beaten,bloody and irreversibly dead. All except his adopted brother who was in the Federal Naval Academy. Slayer Deathbringer waited for the clone to attack him then he pulled out a nova knife and plunged it deep into the clone's skull then pulled the knife out and scanned the area and found a drop uplink and destroyed it.From that day on Slayer Deathbringer vowed to avenge his family.

When Slayer Deathbringer returned to his merc quarters the first thing he did was call his brother to tell him what happened Slayer Deathbringer got a connection and said in a sad voice "Hey Jack it's your big brother I have some terrible news." Jack replied, "What is it ? It must have been terrible if you are using that voice." Slayer Deathbringer replied, " Indeed it is brother quite terrible. An immortal CONCORD agent killed our family." Then Slayer Deathbringer heard in choked words,"well you must avenge them...... and...... avenge................... me." Slayer Deathbringer screamed into his datapad "Not you to! Dammit I'm going to kill every single one of the motherfuckers! **** eye for an eye every single one of those CONCORD fucks is going to die a slow and painful death!" Slayer Deathbringer went into is NEOCOM and scrolled through his contacts while thinking to himself "Well I have some calls to make."

to be continued

"It's not my fault that you lost a 1 mill isk suit to a 1k isk forge gun"

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