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bad game

Fraternity of St. Venefice
Amarr Empire
#1 Posted: 2016.05.18 04:14
could someone please tell me why CCP thanks so little of its loyal dust players that they wont even fix the damn game so we can atleast enjoy what little time we have left to play it ?
Hellstorm LLC
#2 Posted: 2016.05.23 17:57
I know this is a troll post, but just want to say no one knows the reason CCP couldn't deliver on what it sold us..

Some people say it's bcause they wanted to be on PC so badly that they killed off development.. Other say the PS3 was so underpowered it made it so they would never upgrade to the PS4. Personly, I think it's because middle management just likes to do hard core drugs "or boosters" everytime some one complains on the forums.

Seriously.. I wanted nothing more then to fight Xbox users with the vision we where promised as PC Players used us as pawns in a intergalactic war.. Why that never happened NO ONE WILL EVER TELL.

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Royal Uhlans
Amarr Empire
#3 Posted: 2016.05.27 02:33
I don't know why they are so bad at running a game but I can't even get into one right now. I'm starting to think they don't want me to play.
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