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Mini-Life Story

Eternal Beings
#1 Posted: 2016.05.06 09:50
INB4 No one cares about your personal life PARK

Chronic pain. I haz it. I've had it almost seven years now, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and ?. Along with various anxiety related problems, social anxiety,high functioning autism, people think I'm depressed but when I say 'No I'm not depressed.' I get looks so whatever. And a panic disorder which i dont have but when i say such i also get looks.

Summary. As someone with OCD/Autism i get stuck on topics, now which is Why am i sick? What's causing my pain? and acquired lots of knowledge of various things that could be why I have chronic extreme pain.But at the cost of everything i like doing and need to do.

So a very simple solution was set up. Stop obsessing over the cause of the pain and start dealing with the pain itself. Use what works, avoid what doesn't, and start doing things I like again. So i can start moving on and doing stuff i want to do. So that's what has been going on, still need therapy but now i know i can have fun even with pain. Big smile

TLDR Done writing about my life story i promise.

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Autistic with extreme chronic pain. Hey, it's a rare one!

#2 Posted: 2016.05.08 05:48
I don't know whether to like this or not Sad

You are a very strong person.

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#3 Posted: 2016.05.31 16:44
Hey Park, we have crossed the path a few times if you remember but I didn't know all of that before.

Sounds exactly like my wife. (no joke)

Have you ever heard of 'Alpha 1 Disease' ?

she has everything you said and took her 20 years to find the right doc who didn't roll their eyes at what she said, he is also the one who discovered the Alpha 1 issue.

Good Luck. See you around.

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