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The final entries of Rinas Rylos.

Rinas' Raiders
#1 Posted: 2016.04.24 05:02
Hey folks. Don't imagine there's many of you that remember my diary, but I picked it up again, and with the end in sight, I've decided to give it some closure. There's already a few entries I've written in the past couple months that you can peruse at your leisure.

For those of you who never read it, my diary was written from the perspective of my in-universe mercenary, detailing her interactions with other mercenaries, her family, and the overall EVE universe and her place in it. It's all still easily available to ready here. Or also in my signature, whichever link you prefer. I won't pretend I'm not sad to see Dust go, even if I did quit playing a good long while ago, but at the very least I can see it sent off in my own way.

Have you checked out my diary?

Company of Marcher Lords
Amarr Empire
#2 Posted: 2016.05.09 05:06
I remember what it was like deleting my dust 514 webcomic.
anyways, I hope you have fun and find something new, sailing across the stars.

(T_T )7

From an Amarrian to a Gallente, it was an honor.

when she was good, she was very good indeed,

but when she was bad she shot you in the face.

Caronis Military Services Inc.
#3 Posted: 2016.05.12 06:27  |  Edited by: Merrin Caronis
Hey, I always really enjoyed the diary. I remember checking in every week or so to see if there was a new entry - I still do, every couple of months. Thanks for bringing it some closure.

You inspired me to set up a Dust merc diary of my own, though it's never seen the light of day. Too late now, I guess, but there'll always be Project Nova. Maybe there's hope for us mercs after all, eh?

Thank you for all the work and love you put into the diary. I really appreciate the character development - I think it was done spectacularly. And Rinas's voice is perfect. It's sad to know her adventure is drawing to a close. I hope you pick up another project like this in the future, and share it with us - that kind of skill warrants more use!

Would there be a way to keep up with your works, if you did?
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