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Project Nova Alpha Test

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Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2016.04.24 01:08  |  Edited by: XxBlazikenxX
This is for the purpose of listing those who are interested in testing the Alpha version of Project Nova/ (EVE: Phoenix calling it now)

Please list how long you have played Dust 514.

People interested in being an Alpha Tester
XxBlazikenxX (3 years)
Petrified Ancient Tree (1.5 years)
Urgtz Ciao'main (1.5 years)
Joanne Shelton (0.5 years)
Marston VC (3 years)
Heimdallr69 (4 years)
Radiant Pancake3 (2.5 years)
maybe deadcatz (meow)
dreth longbow (3.5 years)
Blood Immortal (3 years)
deadpool lifetone (1.5 years)
Pocket Rocket Girl (3.5 years)
Dreis ShadowWeaver (2 years)
Aeon Amadi (>9000)
Scheneighnay McBob (3.5 years)
One Eyed King (Old Testament)
Iron Wolf Saber (3.5 years)
Lady MDK (3 years)
Sequal's Back (insert table flip)
Alena Asakura (3 years)
Sylwester Dziewiecki (lmao years)
byte modal (3.5 years)
RED-EYE -JEDI (3.5 years)
Happy Violentime (yes)
DUST Fiend (4 yars)
Monkey MAC (5 years)
Jackof All-Trades (3.5 years)
Slayer Deathbringer (1 year)
Operative 1174 Uuali (<3)
Lex DOCIEL (3 years)
james selim brownstein (XXX)
501st Headstrong (4 years)
Ghost Kaisar (3 years)
axis alpha (4 years)
abdullah muzaffar (3 years)
saxonmish (3 years)
1913 DfLo (103 years)
Titus Stryker (4 years)
Sned TheDead (2 years)
GeorgeN76b (3.5 years)
castba (3.5 years)
Paulus Phen502 (2.5 years)
FraggerMike (3.5 years)
SAMEERio ("quite a long time")
7th Son 7 (7 years)
Viktor Hadah Jr (4 years)
Phazoid (3.5 years)
Hawkings Greenback (4 years)
Fox Gaden (3 years)
ZED Regent (1.5 years)
Soldner VonKuechle (3.5 years)
Maken Tosch (3.5 years)
rayakalj9 (4 years)
LOL KILLZ (2.5 years)
Malkai Inos (3 years)
CallMeNoName (3.5 years)
BAD FURRY (4 years)
Shorray Menham (2 years)
Lt Royal (4 years)
John Psi (3 years)
aden slayer (3.5 years)
Derrith Erador (3.5 years)
SubsonicGames154 (1 year)
GENERAL FCF (3 years)
Denchlad 7 (3 years)
Echo 1991 (3.5 years)
Mregomies (3 years)
Xerth Frejer (3.5 years)
Harbingerof War (2.5 years)
Sir Petersen (3.5 years)
Gonzaaa1119 (2.5 years)
Estebanchip (2.5 years)
awesome ASfuk (2.5 years)
Chocol Mcdonnel (3.5 years)
joaothebest 05 (2 years)
bibis papi (2 years)
Lauta Xeneize28 (3.5 years)
LHughes (0.5 years)
knobley (3.5 years)
Paganspark (3 years)
shade emry3 (4 years)
Thor Odinson42 (3.5 years)
Grace Goldenbelly (3.5 years)
jac elasesino (2 years)
Laura--Mad (3 years)
XANDER KAG (3.5 years)
dy5t0pia (4 years)
Vong Gai (3 years)
Forced Death (2.5 years)
Salomao S (3 years)
tander09 (3.5 years)
Ajastor (2.5 years)
DIinkelFritz (3.5 years)
Reign Omega (4 years)
Slayer Deathbringer (1 year)
DeadlyAztec11 (3 years)
DAAAA BEAST (3 years)
Faquira Bleuetta (4 years)
Daystar Animation (4 years)
lamo guys (2 years)
Forlorn Destrier (4.5 years)
Phalad Sahantun (4 years)
Der Ali (3.5 years)
rc-dre (4 years)
Kaique 42 (3.5 years)
LUGMOS (3 years)
Jack Boost (4.5 years)
4lbert Wesker (1 year)
Spaceman-Rob (3.5 years)
Lady Hellfirer (3.5 years)
Scotty AI MatchMaker (3000 years)
ceb bou (2 years)
CactusCreep (3 years)
Snipe T Armstrong (2.5 years)
VikingKong iBUN (Since the dark ages)
CCP LogicLoop (∞)
benandjerrys (4 years)
Genral69 death (3 years)
Pseudogenesis (3.5 years)
Dalmont Legrand (4 years)
Wolf revenant (3.5 years)
Grimmiers (4 years)
Sequal Rise (3 years)
Nomex Gallatin (4 years)
Nirwanda Vaughns (3.5 years)
Xvos Reigns (4 years)
Poultryge1st (4.5 years)
ortiga (1 year)
knight guard fury (3 years)
Sennina Sovereign (3 years)
DJIPS (3 years)
Ronin Merc (4 years)
Arian Neo (3.5 years)
Bremen van Equis (3.5 years)
Kaze Eyrou (4 years)
steadyhand amarr (3.5 years)
Mobius Wyvern (4 years)
Captain Africa Clone1 (4 years)
The KTM Duke (3.5 years)
Will Sladen (4 years)
Aero Yassavi (Before True Adamance)
Dovallis Martan JenusKoll (4 or so years)
loumanchew (3 years)
is111 (4 years)
Zan Azikuchi (3.5 years)
Ghural (4 years)
JT Gallente (3 years)
kendall lee greene (2 years)
Celus Ivara (3.5 years)
shaman oga (3.5 years)
StarVenger (2.5 years)
Cody Sietz (3 years)
Void Echo (4 years)
Evelyn Azrick (3 years)
socaljane (4 years)
calisk galern (3 years)
r 666666666 (2 years)
AERYN SUIN (2 years)
daroachz13 (3.5 years)
0225 suds (4.5 years)
LINCHOU 0225 (2.5 years)
lIlIlIlIl lIlIllIlIl (4.5 years)
OMCTonto (4.5 years)
Stryker Syx Vector (1 year)
general drake55 (3 years)
Hubert De LaBatte (3 years)
Hunter Junko (3.5 years)
dents dental (2 years)
OZAROW (3.5 years)
shoot last (3.5 years)
captain iviRushix (3.5 years)
calksgamer argentina (3.3 years)
XxGhazbaranxX (3.5 years)
TERRORIST NO 1 (3.5 years)
Sanserder (2 years)
Mad Syringe (4 years)
Pocket Rocket Girl (3.5 years)
bezmel ferrers (3.5 years)
Dewie Cheecham (4 years)
general drake55 (1 year)
Super Sniper95 (3.5 years)
Da Harbinger (4.5 years)
SILENTSAM 69 (3.5 years)
Takron Nistrom (4 years)
Cyrus Grevare (3.5 years)
Shadow Player (3.5 years)
Yurat (4 years)
d1wholive 8 (2 years)
Feedeesex (3.5 years)
jett it (4 years)

And you get a like! And you get a like! And you, and you, and you!

The Iberian Norsemen
#2 Posted: 2016.04.24 01:12
Petrified Ancient Tree: 1 year 5 months
for my son Urgtz Ciao'main: 1 year and some odd months.
For my daughter Joanne Shelton: several odd months.

Eager and ready to test, give feedback and critique, and test again.

Nothing cures bad aim like a mass driver...

SVER True Blood
#3 Posted: 2016.04.24 01:15
I will pay money to be in the alpha.

Been a part of this game since the alpha. So I guess that was around three years ago. Couldn't look more forward to this game.

Marston VC, STB Director

#4 Posted: 2016.04.24 01:25
4 years..count me in
#5 Posted: 2016.04.24 01:26
3 or 2ish years.

"A quantum super computer, calculating for a thousand years, could not even approach the number of fucks I do not give."

Serris Inc
#6 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:01
Why does time played matter? Everyone learns at a diffrent pace?

Am ded.

SVER True Blood
#7 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:03
maybe deadcatz wrote:
Why does time played matter? Everyone learns at a diffrent pace?

its a good thing to see how so many old players have stuck with the game. It shows dedication.

Marston VC, STB Director

Bank of DUST 514
#8 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:15
3-4 years not sure, when it first came out on the ps3 box version

Death before dishonor.

Adapt or Die war is hell

Bank of DUST 514
#9 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:17
3 years tanks and ADS
#10 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:47
Let the record show .
This has been my 1st FPS that I've actually dedicated any effort into . I've been on & off 1yr + believe it or not .
This has been the only game that kept my attention for the dynamics of tacticality and community game play .
This game pushes the boundaries of the imagination and I'm 100% for Alpha testing like a lab rat .

( F U!!!! ) * ( Why Dead? )

, (メ`ロ´)•︻デ═一X - - - - \(º □ º l|l)/

#11 Posted: 2016.04.24 02:52
PRG. Closed beta I'm in.


#12 Posted: 2016.04.24 03:03
What's the point of this thread? I'm pretty sure we are all interested in Alpha and Beta testing Nova.
#13 Posted: 2016.04.24 03:35
We are well aware of who all is interested in the Alpha.

Spoiler Alert: It's an entire 'has a pulse' demographic.

(Former) CPM2 Representative for Dust 514 and Project Nova

Penumbra or something
#14 Posted: 2016.04.24 03:46
**** it, I just want to put my play time out there-
3 years, 6 months motherfuckers.

If I'm counting that right. Starting july in the closed beta, which was 2012, if I remember correctly.
#15 Posted: 2016.04.24 04:09
My play time is 2 years next month :)
Nos Nothi
#16 Posted: 2016.04.24 04:20

How can you call EVE: Phoenix when it was Pokey who came up with the idea months ago?

Why do you think I kept calling it Phoenix instead of NotLegion?

Former CEO of the Land of the BIind.

Any double entendre is unintended I assure you.

Den of Swords
#17 Posted: 2016.04.24 06:12
Since E3

Former CPM 0, CPM 1

Omni-Soldier, Forum Warrior

Kang Lo Directorate
Gallente Federation
#18 Posted: 2016.04.24 07:07
Marston VC wrote:
maybe deadcatz wrote:
Why does time played matter? Everyone learns at a diffrent pace?

its a good thing to see how so many old players have stuck with the game. It shows dedication.

I'm surprised Stb is still around. Haven't seen your name in a long time.

Don't vote for iron wolf saber. Vote for someone who will help the community i.e. anyone else.

SVER True Blood
#19 Posted: 2016.04.24 07:29
Auris Lionesse wrote:
Marston VC wrote:
maybe deadcatz wrote:
Why does time played matter? Everyone learns at a diffrent pace?

its a good thing to see how so many old players have stuck with the game. It shows dedication.

I'm surprised Stb is still around. Haven't seen your name in a long time.

Im pretty sure everyone in the corp either moved onto PS4 with other games like ESO or the Division or they just left the corp entirely.

Its kind of funny when you think about how our corp (if i remember correctly) was one of the largest corps in game at one point. But i know for a fact that it could start up again full swing. Our CEO is still an active gamer and i've chatted with him several times over the last year. I've inquired several old friends if they'd be interested in this new game too and i've gotten an overall positive response.

After they announced project legion it just kind of gutted a lot of the player base. Our CEO was in the middle of having a new kid, I went off to join the military, and after that what remained of the directorship must have let things kind of drift apart. Which I cant blame them since the playerbase in the game was steadily declining over time. I sold my PS3 after I got out of basic so I cant really play dust anymore sadly :( But trust me, a lot of us have stayed connected.

so you'll definitely see STB as a thing again and if you dont, then at the very least you'll see my name floating around. With lazer beams of death Twisted

Another funny thing is that I stuck with these guys for so long. Despite all the drama. Corporate espionage. Losing SVER prime.... twice...... Backstabbing. Despite it all I stayed loyal to the corp. Hopefully I'll have a good role in re-creating it once Project Nova gets green lit!

Marston VC, STB Director

Kameira Lodge
Amarr Empire
#20 Posted: 2016.04.24 08:49
Dust since open Beta... EVE since Castor build.

Need new PC though... send me £800 and i'll double it........

Anyone getting annoyed by reading of the above post should consider the following. I don't care so neither should you :)

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