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can't purchase aurum (content not available)

#1 Posted: 2016.03.13 17:31
I'm trying to purchase aurum but keep getting "content not available" error. I had this problem maybe a month or so back and it was due to not having installed the latest update for the playstation store. This is not the case this time however as the playstation store is updated and the error still persists in Dust.

I have emailed customer support about this ( twice in the last week and they have not responded. They used to be really good about responding to issues in the past (within a day or so) so this is unusual that they are not responding at all anymore.

Any ideas on what's going on?
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#2 Posted: 2016.03.13 19:47  |  Edited by: One Eyed King
Check the big post in the Events and Announcements thread. And when you boot up the game.

Dust is going to end on May 30, and as soon as they announced it, they shut down all purchases.
CCP Frame wrote:
Dear DUST 514 Community,
. ..

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that DUST 514 will be shutting down on May 30th, 2016. We therefore will not be releasing the 1.3 update as we had planned. Players will continue to be able to play for free on our servers until then, but all further PSN packs and purchases have been removed and disabled from the in-game marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Players with existing Aurum will be able to continue to purchase items from the in-game marketplace.

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#3 Posted: 2016.03.16 18:50
You can still purchase AURUM if you live in England.

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#4 Posted: 2016.03.17 19:50
Do not buy anything with real money the game is shutting down soon.

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#5 Posted: 2016.04.04 02:35

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