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CCP Rattati honestly was the best thing to happen to this game

Eternal Beings
#1 Posted: 2016.03.04 08:03
I really don't envy the veterans who played very long before he came along, because it was an extremely unbalanced mess.

Can't remember exactly who in CCP was responsible for the different racial dropsuits, but that combined with Rattati's work honestly made this game so much more playable it's not even funny.

I can't emphasize this enough CCP. Developer talent and quality time spent on development is almost everything in this industry. I wish I could say it was everything, but if it was Retro Studios wouldn't just be a subsidiary of Nintendo.

You guys need to take it to the next level for your new games. Honestly you guys can put devs like Bethesda to shame if you play your cards right.
Special Planetary Emergency Response Group
#2 Posted: 2016.03.05 02:04  |  Edited by: Breakin Stuff
And as far as I am aware he's the best thing to happen to the next game along with the team he has.

We are not losing rattattattattatti (because he is a machinegun) or Frame or Duke to my knowledge. So there is hope for the future.

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#3 Posted: 2016.03.16 19:49
SadHmm. I never praise a solo person for any group's success.

I work in NYC, where lots of people dream of being "the one" who impresses the boss with her latest achievement, and are happy to have the boss (wrongly) believe she did it solo. That kind of idea climbs ladders and snubs all the wrong people in my town.
...The business end of the world has gotten way too complicated for anything to ever be achieved solo. Been complicated like that since late 18th century, I suspect.

I was here since the official release, and I know there were a lot of circumstances that caused Dust's first team (their A-team?) to lose personnel, to be deprived of the right objective to take the game towards, and eventually to lose credibility with us players.

(But, that A-Team was incredibly creative, and succeeded in giving Dust it's New Eden flavor, and it's arguably necessary EVE-style procedures of gameplay. My sig below was written in dedication to some of those A-team members----Bless them all!)

After the Fanfest Legion announcement we all hated, Rattati and his team (the B-Team, in sequence, not quality), was thrown in without the same handcuffing instructions the A-Team was ordered to follow, didn't have to suffer the lay-off of good personnel, and weren't saddled with the rigid EVE-objective the first Team was ordered to take the game towards. The B-Team was left with more permission to go through some NON-EVE doors that the A-Team was strictly ordered NOT to take the game. That was so unfair to the A-TeamCry. But, not having to follow EVE's structure so rigidly was all that really stood in the path of progress, and Rattati's Team was free to win back some credibility from us players.

But Shocked between the A-Team's departure and the B-Team's entrance, the only thing that made Dust possible was US players. NOT Rattati or his team. If you gamers hadn't lit torches and stormed the forum sites, NOBODY would have put a B-team to work at all! CCP threw this game out over a cliff, and suddenly the PLAYERS swooped down in an ultralight glider and grabbed it before it hit the jagged rocks below.

So, WE really were the best thing to ever happen to the game, hands down. We could've crawled through further dev with the poor handcuffed and doomed A-Team for years more, or we could've continued dev-ing with the more sociable and smurfy B-Team for more years too.
But the game wouldn't have lasted 24hours past that Legion-day and, would never had gotten a B-Team, without you, and Breakin, and all the players.
I have to accept that WE were the best thing that ever happened to this game. LOL, funny how that was the only time we players learned to do what Dust 514 has always been trying to teach: that "TEAMED UP" players always achieve what can't be done solo.

....Guess we were paying attention to the Dust mechanic after all. Given time, we might have become phenomenal at this game.

Universe of good wishes for the 49, especially CCP Eterne... No story can have life without writers and publishers.

Fatal Absolution
Bleeding Sun Conglomerate
#4 Posted: 2016.03.22 03:22
I'm glad he's here.
Eternal Beings
#5 Posted: 2016.03.23 03:46
Of course, to clarify, I'm talking about the pre-jumpy bullshit state of the game. And pre-rail rifle buff.
Eternal Beings
#6 Posted: 2016.03.23 03:48
Celesta's definitely right. It was the team listening to the community.

Even if some of that community were particularly loudmouthed and opinionated about things like myofibrils...
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