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soundtrack/ sound files

Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2016.03.03 01:28
archduke teased us a while ago with the possibility of ccp releasing the music/sounds of dust.

alot of people signed a petition to show interest but we never heard anymore about it.
can anybody shed any light on whether or not this will ever happen?
it's getting kinda late, that's all, thanks.

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Game Masters
C C P Alliance
#2 Posted: 2016.03.03 17:49
I did what now?

GM Archduke

CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | DUST 514

Abyss of Universe
Imperium Eden
#3 Posted: 2016.03.03 18:15
GM Archduke wrote:
I did what now?

hes talking about archduke, not GM Archduke, dont worry

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Imperium Eden
#4 Posted: 2016.03.03 18:55
sorry if i am remembering incorrectly, i cant seem to find the orig topic

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Imperium Eden
#5 Posted: 2016.03.04 02:26
found it.... https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2817224#post2817224

sorry duke, i must have imagined your input... but hey feel free to unlock it and comment :)

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Imperium Eden
#6 Posted: 2016.03.07 01:19
can i at least get a no?

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Kang Lo Directorate
Gallente Federation
#7 Posted: 2016.03.07 15:21
Salutations (...and fading farewells). Blink
I endorse any Dev's soundtrack idea, but doubt it will be carried out. Dust 514 has an IMMENSE soundtrack and "foley", and once the game closes, those sounds will only be stuffed in CCP's library for availability in any future games.

Sad (And by "future games" I mean NOT Dust games. Players ought to follow Rattati's warning/prediction, that it is unlikely that any future PC development will produce some improved or new kind of Dust 514. ...Dust 514 is a one-of-its-kind---it's not going to be retried/reworked.)

But we players won't have any access to that developers' library of this stuff. We won't have any historical keepsake of the game, once the game shuts off. Once the game leaves, this won't be like PacMan on a vintage Atari console that you can always buy from a ebay and play with your nostalgic friends. Dust 514 will be GONE and completely unobtainable.

We really shouldn't wait for CCP to make a record for us---I doubt they will have the resource-time, or permission from headquarters, to spend paycheck hours on this kind of task.

I really think, somewhere between this entire community, some of us SHOULD record archival footage of Dust 514's existence.
We players who do have suitable game-recording gear ought to start making movie or sound recordings of their games. I for one have started an archive feed of all the games I and my boyfriend play between now and June. (5 nights of gaming for 11 weeks--that's a lot of good archive footage).
I think between us, we can produce a thorough record of nearly every sight/sound/vehicle/map, and edit to Final Cut Studio, as sort of a War Correspondent's Log of the game.

Please, let's record this Do-Do bird for history...

Universe of good wishes for the 49, especially CCP Eterne... No story can have life without writers and publishers.

Kang Lo Directorate
Gallente Federation
#8 Posted: 2016.03.29 13:35
To add onto this, my sweetie just bought some cool Video-capture gear for his PC and Guitarplayer buddies.

I convinced him to try it out on his old PS3 games (old PS3 games unfortunately includes Dust 514, nowOops...).
But the good news is, it WORKS. 720P resolution capture, and stored as ProRes files for later editing. If I can convince him to spend some studio time on this footage, we can present some great tribute videos to this game.

So far, we've captured five sessions of footage, at about 2.5 hours each session. Mostly me revisiting my Dropship controls...
But I am also running alongside you players as a sort of war correspondent. Not shooting much myself (I'm rubbish at shooting anything, LOL), but trying to record YOU players using every type of weapon I can spot.

...I never noticed how fierce and gallantly many of you fight your matches. In this game, NOBODY should be called a noob. The name just doesn't fit you fellas.

Just letting you know, between now and the end of the Server, any match where you see me running alongside you, you personally are being video-recorded for our future merc grandchildren to see.

(merc clones can have kids, right? Or are we sterile? OMG!)

07 !!!

Universe of good wishes for the 49, especially CCP Eterne... No story can have life without writers and publishers.

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