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Vengeance unbound returnsishhhh

Eternal Beings
#1 Posted: 2016.02.28 09:49
Many of you will know the corp vengeance unbound however many won't.... vengeance unbound was a corporation created after fanfest 14 that then went on to fight many battles against fa, Murphys law, molon labe and nyain san while continuing a high win level against these corps. Also one of or maybe the first corp that took a nyain district in years which triggered the takeover.

Due to many issues in leadership the corp decided to move home, trying to keep high activity with players in a dying game requires merges.

Anyways this post to announce that vengeance unbound tags are back up and running. To any old vu vet that wishes to return the door is open! Some of my favourite memories was with you guys and I hope to have more before the end.

As for any other players? If want to join feel free to apply, our actions for pc right now is unclear. However we want to bring the atmosphere that vu use to have, which was fun messing about enjoying the game.

Hope you all enjoy the final days o7

Will the real vu please stand up o7

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