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New Eden's Army is back to take distristricts

#1 Posted: 2016.02.27 19:21
0% Tax

Care Free Corp

Our only interest is to get as many districts as we can before Dust bites the dust. o/

"Power of loyalty VS power of money. Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal." - SinoFumo

#2 Posted: 2016.02.27 20:55

There is a fine line between not listening and not caring, I like to think i walk that line every day of my life.

#3 Posted: 2016.02.28 02:15

Bae af' No Flex Zone ;)

#4 Posted: 2016.03.04 08:09  |  Edited by: General Vahzz
Soul Eater ll wrote:

It is sad when you laugh at your own corp but ok

Inb4 you give up and jump again even though it is a dead game, and literally no benefit in rebuilding

Sanity is a myth

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