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DUST is dying, but Chickenhawk. is recruiting [USTZ]

#1 Posted: 2016.02.15 17:27
If you're looking for a laid back PVP Corp in either DUST / EVE, give Chickenhawk. a try. The Corp is built on the ideals of Wingspan Delivery Services: Have fun, don't take the Internet too seriously, and blow stuff up. Chickenhawk. will continue to exist in DUST till its impending demise, in EVE ongoing, and into the new New Eden FPS title. No particular requirements for entry.

TS required for EVE pilots, Mic strongly encouraged for DUST mercs.


The Royal Zexeroth Bank
#2 Posted: 2016.05.04 20:39
Just curious, how many members have currently joined (can't check myself as servers are "full"ShockedEvilRoll) and what's your plan for keeping the Corp together through the transition to Nova?


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