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The Network

Planetary Response Organisation
#21 Posted: 2016.04.11 12:08
begin transmission

I shall be joining in this network after I take one of these overconfident cloners implants and clone design for my own

end transmission

"It's not my fault that you lost a 1 mill isk suit to a 1k isk forge gun"

Helix Evolution I.W.C
#22 Posted: 2016.04.20 20:37
Chat log start:

I have managed to narrowly avoid this mass shut down, thanks to an old contact from my academy days half a decade ago. By some miracle he found a spare implant for capsule clones. Unfortunately its only a temporary implant though, but I'm in the process of obtaining a permanent one.

As this result I am also in the time of shutting down any and all assets on my ground clone, and the Helix corporation has been transferred to control of my capsule clone.

With only a month away from termination, I hope others find possibilities of either obtaining the new ground implant or capsule implants.

Either way, its been a fun ride here, il be waiting on the other side.

Chat Terminated.

Closed Beta Vet.

Founder of Helix Evolution I.W.C


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