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I here concord might be jamming clone tech or somthing

shadows of 514
#1 Posted: 2016.02.03 19:32
I have been off battlefield for a few years now due to complications with my Gen2 implants that despite legions best attempts could not be fixed. so I get put into a long term clone, however I just got a notification on my private lines that concord might be making a move in next few months to shut down clone tech fullstop, and thus make sure my jump into full a funcational clone

does anyone have any info, I mean it does not affect me much but I imagen a fullstop to clone troopers would have cause quite an impact on the general scale... or this is just more BS on net ?

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

Eskola Ergonomics
#2 Posted: 2016.02.03 20:16
While people have been talking about this for years (remember the mass biomassing in YC116?), it seems like CONCORD might actually go through with it sometime soon. Rest assured, I've been on the run from one person or another ever since Heth's Purge in YC115. The Legion couldn't kill me, the Dragonaurs couldn't kill me, and I'll be damned if CONCORD thinks they can somehow get the jump on me after all this.

I've always had a backup plan on where to ride things out if something like this ever happened, although I'd hope to never have to use it. I've worked with an empyrean to have my own facility built where I can continue to live my life as a baseliner if need be, at least until this is all over. I'm just worried about Niina. Her and I have been closely tied to the grey market for some time, dealing in weapons and vehicle optimization under the table. If CONCORD is cracking down on clone tech and putting it all under indictment, this might be the end of Eskola Ergonomics. After everything she did to save her father's company, all the sacrifices she's made, she just had to ruin it all by getting herself wrapped up with me.

I guess none of this should come as a surprise however. Our kind can only rampage through Molden Heath for so long before the empires realize that they've made a mistake giving us free reign to conduct warfare under the protection of their SHIELD interface. We've terrorized the region for years now, and capsuleer milita couldn't even intervene with our warbarges to defend their territory. One way or another, something had to give.

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shadows of 514
#3 Posted: 2016.02.03 20:21
I still have a large amount of pull in various groups due to my GEN2 status, from first hand experience if concord are getting ready to make a move on us, which lets be honest they have wanted to do since the first 514 signal, we better start working on coming up with exit strategy until this all blows over.

I'm willing to work with any clone that's still out their on a exit plan with our combined resources we should be able to get a half decadent plan together, god knows concord does not have anyone with combat skill to take us on, so all we really need to do is work out how to extract our clone information into our own pods and then wait it out in WH space or something.

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

Eskola Ergonomics
#4 Posted: 2016.02.03 20:30  |  Edited by: Galm Fae
That's certainly an idea. Perhaps we could form some sort of underground escape organization to help our kind evade CONCORD in the coming months. Seriously, if enough of us organize we could make an entire project that grants immortal infantry safe haven around the cluster. I've heard of such 'Ratline' projects taking place after the end of the Heth regime to help ex-Dragonaurs escape persecution within the State.

I can't believe I'm suggesting this. Believe me, I REALLY don't want to suggest this unless I have to. But maybe there's a way to contact Mordu's Legion through the Upwell Consortium. We could build a network of safe houses leading to Pure Blind for those of us that might be under CONCORD scrutiny. Gods and spirits, maybe if someone could learn where the ARKCOMBINE ran off to as well?

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shadows of 514
#5 Posted: 2016.02.03 20:45
iv been off the grid a long time and was always just a front line trooper, but if we get enough clones together I'm positive we can get a railroad network off the ground, I mean hell we pulled it off during the heth purge years ago and we didn't even have warning it was gunna happen then, let alone the pure resource pull we have now.

give me 24 hours to reactive my network and slip out from this safehouse. we can setup a meeting point and start gathering people to get this network off the ground.

I would really avoid the ARKCOMBINE if we can I think we can do this just off our old empire contacts and pirate groups. after all who is going to turn an offer of help from the most deadly mercs in new eden who then own you one big time.

we also need to find out exactly how concord is going to shut us down I would not put it past them to send out kill tills Templar style. we frankly need to be ready for anything

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

Corrosive Synergy
#6 Posted: 2016.02.04 04:47
Any information on how they plan to pull the plugs? If they use a sort of 'Killswitch' signal, we just need to block that signal until better solution prevent themselves.

My ties in CONCORD have been pretty quiet later, I think they figured him out. He told they have 'big plans' to come soon, but who knows.

Pix, have you ever looked into directing our 'spirit', if you will, into Galnet? Is that even possible?
shadows of 514
#7 Posted: 2016.02.06 18:39
ok I managed to slip out of my safehouse but that was way harder than I expected, however I beamed out a signal to all clones to come up with some sort of network so we can figure out the answers to all of the above.

the first natural finding out whos left to even work with

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

Eskola Ergonomics
#8 Posted: 2016.02.07 04:32  |  Edited by: Galm Fae
sir RAVEN WING wrote:

Pix, have you ever looked into directing our 'spirit', if you will, into Galnet? Is that even possible?

If you're speaking to me, I regret to inform you that I am by no means qualified to offer my opinions outside the realm of personal experience here. However I will offer my limited understand of Sleeper technology to make an educated assumption about if that's possible enough.

They way our implants work, an instant transfer of consciousness into a blank clone without the necessity of expensive specialized clone technology (i.e., the fact that we can simply buy our clones in bulk rather than having them custom built and fitted with our DNA) is possible because our implant acts as the entire source of our consciousness rather than simply a brain scanner and relay for data and information. Which is to say, by replacing the thalamus and cerebellum with our implant we can not only entirely replace our lower brain with a more efficient electronic system (which can account for some of our enhanced physical combat abilities versus slow biological processing of dexterity and subconscious 'muscle memory) we also have an apparently limitless access to memories and experiences that can entirely replace the function of our frontal lobe. The rest of the brain, it seems, only remains in a bare bones state to assist in the processing of physical stimuli, vocalization, and the incorporation of new information.

Moreover (and this is speculative) I suspect that the preservation of our 'higher functioning' brain exists to help incorporate the raw data of our memories and experiences into other biological stimuli associated with the biochemical reactions responsible for our emotions. Raw data and memories on their own serve little purpose without the physical experience of emotions, or at the very least without the context of a rush of dopamine or adrenaline secreted at just the right moment in response to a specific experience. In my mind, while possible, a pure transfer of consciousness from our implants into an entirely virtual realm would not constitute the preservation of the 'soul'.

To restate, yes it is possible. It has been done in the past when several Amarr Templars were put 'on ice' by the Empire until they could determine the cause of the rampant psychological issues plaguing them. Similar tactics were used by the Heth regime during the Purge and Uprising to eliminate any immortals residing within the State that threatened the reign of the Provists.

Several of my former comrades from my time in the Legion met their fate that way. I like to think that they still exist somewhere out there as strings of data bouncing back and fourth between quantum entangled particles across the universe seeking for a corporal form to give them life once again. But this point is moot I suppose, as I'm afraid of what they will become after residing so long within the Net.

You see, we've all however briefly experienced our time as a pure infomorph within the TacNet during battle but typically there is always a sense of urgency to be reborn into a new body. I don't think this is simple coincidence, I think it is quintessential to understand what we are as immortals. No matter how advanced the materials we employ to store and transfer our memories, even through superior advanced technology like that of the Sleepers, we have never succeeded at fully replicating the human brain in all of it's gritty detail. Rogue AI has proven that while sentient thought based entirely on data transfer is possible, it remains soulless, inhuman, and incapable of evolution or innovation with only a few exceptions. Therefore it holds out that without a biological human brain, overtime our thoughts degrade from that of a human being to a cold, calculating machine incapable of abstract thought or intuition. We're all subconsciously aware of this fact, and so tend to avoid remaining outside of our clones for too long before a rampant sense of paranoia and 'losing our humanity' begins to develop.

I think it's reasonable to say that without a human brain sending feedback and context to the information that our implant provides, a user would become gradually more and more out of touch with reality until they become merely a shadow of their former selves. A 'corrupted file' if you will. It happened to me briefly, in the early days were second generation implants were yet to be perfected, and I'm still dealing with the fallout of my fragmented sense of self to this day

Perhaps this is why the Sleepers continued to preserve their bodies even after immersing themselves in a virtual reality through the use of their implants. We can never be certain, but it would certainly answer an number of questions and force us to consider the ethics of the technology that we employ.

In short... I wouldn't advise it.

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Night Theifs
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
#9 Posted: 2016.02.07 14:21
We should also keep in mind that the old rule of the Jove that they also gave to the Caldari with the Capsule was "One mind, one body".

In the past when virtual worlds were used, being a part of them required a connected body, and no one was allowed to operate more than one body or be in the world without one.

It's likely this was done with the specific intent to prevent the situation you just described. Hell, it's still technically illegal for an Infomorph to operate more than one body simultaneously in New Eden, but it's virtually impossible to prove that's what's going on, and so very hard to enforce.

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shadows of 514
#10 Posted: 2016.02.07 15:13
I strongly advised not cloning into multiple bodies if your implant is of 2nd generation quality, their are still ghosts in the system that we do not understand, and given are tech is based off the new drifter threat I think its safer to keep clone jumps down.

secondly if you where to be caught you would be at the top of concords kill list. rather than just a minor player, Concord generally just wants programs shut down, once that goal has been met then general let anyone who escaped go.

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

#11 Posted: 2016.02.19 00:11
The way I read the report, it seems as though concord finally found a way to terminate the implants only we have, apparently the capsuleers have a new tech on the way that will give mercs some piloting chances but unfortunately many of us who are not compatible with it will be terminated
shadows of 514
#12 Posted: 2016.02.19 09:41
I think we can all agree they hsve found a way to do "somthing" the problem is we have no idea what that somthing is. I have come up code word I will broadcast the moment we all need to find cover/take actions to make it though this.

"Rouge winter"

We have a number of safe zones outside of concords reach setup in null sec but it will be down to each clone to get out their. The railroad is active but you will have to find a cell by yourself to keep the project safe

I am among the 1st of my kind, and i will never forget. no empire lasts forever and i have all the time in the world.

Corrosive Synergy
#13 Posted: 2016.02.19 16:17
Well, I've recently been hearing rumours about how they will simply suspend some of us for some time and terminate the rest.

They are just rumours though and should not be trusted as fact.
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