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#1 Posted: 2016.02.03 17:06
((Seeing as Dust is coming to an end, thought I might wrap things up for Jonny. Note: These events happen after the ubfinished Vengance Story Arc))

Location: IGS...

Jonny stared out into the endless abyss of space from a small window in his quarters. Outside, he witnessed ships, hundreds of them, fly into the various hangers around the station, docking and loading. A tear formed in the pit of his eye as he watched avery familiar ship, marked with the symbol of his old corp, fly by. Immortality, it seemed, did not truely last forever.

He reached into his dark jacket, and pulled out a cigar. He half-heartedly saluted the small frigate as it flew buy, and lit his cigar. After a couple puffs, he leaned against the pillar beside the window, blowing smoke rings.

The door to his quarters opened, and a tall Thukker woman, with bright hazel eyes, walked in. She smiled as she saw Jonny and said, "Well, if it isn't Demetrious, the most sorry excuse for a Jin-Mei, or are you still trying to convince everyone in the damn universe that you are really an Intaki?"

Jonny smirk, and replied: "Nora, what brings your sorry ass to this part of the station, or, to be more precise, this far away from Matar."

Nora approached Jonny slowly, "I came to see my father-in-law, though it appears he has passed away. Though, I guess I could give my good-for-nothing husband the message in person." With that, she slapped Jonny hard across the face, with a loud smack! She then kissed him deeply on his lips, and looked into his bright blue eyes for the first time in years. "So is it true?"

Jonny wrapped his arms around his wife, his arms shaking as he did. He looked down at the floor, not meeting his wife's look. He had given her, and his daughter up, and for what? To save the Matari? To play soldier? And now he had nothing left. Word had come down through the line about a temporary shut down of the Mercenary Clone project, for how long, nobody knew.

He kept his eyes on the ground, trying his best not to let his tears bee seen, and he muttered, "Yes... it is over... I failed you... and Marcy... and Mac..."

She kissed him on his forhead and held him close. "You havn't failed, Demetrious, failing would have been to have never of tried. Come now, let us return, back to Matar, and start our life anew." Jonny nodded...

...A couple hours later, Jonny was exiting his quarters on the IGS for the last time. He had so many memories of fights, and crazed drug induced rages and orgies, and of course the occasional bit of alchohol. He sighed and, as he left, he looked longly at his Sentinel suit. In the last bit of light, as the door shut, he swore he saw some dust particles beinging to settle on it.

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#2 Posted: 2016.02.13 01:21
-sigh- will miss this game... and the people...

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