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The Future of DUST 514

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:40
Dear DUST 514 Community,

CCP’s development team in Shanghai has been working on a prototype for a first-person shooter for PC with the goal of building a great FPS set in our sci-fi universe of New Eden (the universe in which EVE Online, DUST 514, EVE: Valkyrie, and Gunjack are set). Their experience is being utilized to build a new game from scratch using Unreal Engine 4 while harnessing all our learnings from DUST 514. This is in many ways an evolution of Project Legion, the concept we announced at EVE Fanfest 2014, but without the limitations of technical debt and development paths we quickly discovered in that effort that could never serve as a future-proof technology base for a full production game. This new project is still in an early phase of production, and we feel like we’re on the right track and plan to give an update at EVE Fanfest on April 21st as a part of the free livestream of the event. Since this new game will be different from DUST 514 (although keeping many of its great parts), we will provide tiered recognition rewards to our loyal DUST customers, details to be announced.

We are very proud of what we’ve learned and accomplished with DUST 514 on PlayStation 3 over the past three years and it is an honor to be a part of such a dedicated community. We consider DUST 514 one of the best free-to-play offerings on the platform, but the years have caught up with us. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that DUST 514 will be shutting down on May 30th, 2016. We therefore will not be releasing the 1.3 update as we had planned. Players will continue to be able to play for free on our servers until then, but all further PSN packs and purchases have been removed and disabled from the in-game marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Players with existing Aurum will be able to continue to purchase items from the in-game marketplace.

Thank you for being a part of DUST 514 on the PlayStation 3. We look forward to the next chapter, and hope you’ll be a part of it and continue the journey with us.

CCP Frame, CCP Shanghai Team

Random Gunz
#2 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:40  |  Edited by: Darth-Carbonite GIO
On the project announcement:

CCP allowed us access to the announcement plans early on. What the CPM saw in that first draft did not fill us with confidence, and we felt it would not be received positively.

But that was only the first draft. We argued with CCP, in face to face meetings as well as text, to rework and reword the blog post that would forever change Dust as we knew it.

What you just finished reading is not perfect, and there are so many more things left to be addressed that the CPM feels should be shared. But despite all that, CCP (a group of actual real live people) deserve credit for listening to the constant criticism and doing what they felt is best.

I feel that I can safely speak for the rest of CPM2 when I say that we haven’t given up, and will continue to champion what is best for this community and its future, no matter the challenges.

Thank you, Dust community. We are in this together.

On Patch 1.3:

We learned that there would be no 1.3 on January 11th. I think you will find that after this date, the CPM did its best to not promise anything concerning the patch, and we hope that no one felt mislead.

We all thought it was coming “Soon,” CCP included, but things changed. We can only hope that some of the better features of 1.3 receive the polish they deserve and become part of this new project.

Now we are on the same page:

Now you know why we couldn’t say anything. Why you didn’t see feedback threads, Dust 514 wishlists, or peaks behind the curtain.

We are sorry we couldn’t do more, but it was simply the situation we inherited. Going forward however, the shroud of complete secrecy will be lifted somewhat.

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#3 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:41
I can personally empathise with how many of the community will feel about this announcement, specifically the console only players. This evolution of the New Eden FPS will leave many of the loyal playerbase behind, and a lot of disappointment and even anger is justified in reaction to how all of this is and has been handled.

No matter how justified, taking that anger out with irrational behaviour on the forums or in game will not help anyone.

I hope the community can come together in a mature manner to discuss the issues and concerns that this announcement has raised, and that those of the community that are disappointed don't resent others celebrating the path CCP has chosen.

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#4 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:49
Electronic Sports League
#5 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:52
bloody 'ell

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OSG Planetary Operations
#6 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:54

Well, it was a hell of a ride.

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Random Gunz
#7 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:54
Well now we know ;( but hopefully this PC version will be ported to PS4

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Nos Nothi
#8 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:54
#9 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:57


DUST University
#10 Posted: 2016.02.03 12:57
As Zaria has said my preferred option would've been PC and Console. But I understand the reasons why CCP decided on PC.

The silence has been a real pita but that goes for CCP as well as the players. The company wasn't prepared to announce anything till it was concrete.

The CPM felt it was very important as well that the Dust community found out first on their forums.

So please, take some time to digest the news and then the CPM will soon be asking for your feedback.

Kind regards


CPM 1&2 Member

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Otherworld Enterprises Dust Control
Otherworld Empire Productions
#11 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:04
Thanks for these past years! Looking forward to the new PC title!

Nexus Balusa Horizon
#12 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:08  |  Edited by: shaman oga
At least we have info.
Can't say I'm happy about PC master race, but in a future I may have a chance to continue the story with my char.

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Tal-Romon Legion
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#13 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:10  |  Edited by: WARxion ForDUST
I'm very-very-very happy about this announcement for the following reasons:

- You guys are alive.
- There will be a New Eden FPS on PC under UE4!

But I'm also sad a bit about the death of DUST...

Yes, I'm that desperate...

#14 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:12  |  Edited by: Uncle AWOL Protheans
This announcement pleases me, and, quite frankly, starting from scratch is a great decision and I look forward to supporting it as CCP Shanghai works on it.

(Thank god Dust isn't completely dead)

Also looking forward to hearing CCPs plans for those dust veterans when details become available.

It's been a pleasure o7
#15 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:13
But what will happen to the forums?

What're you looking at me like that for? I'll shank you I will.

Ikomari-Onu Enforcement
Caldari State
#16 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:16
The worst update ever. Now what game can I play that will give me that "Dust" feeling. None.
#17 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:17
Spademan wrote:
But what will happen to the forums?

When the time comes, they'll either launch an entirely new site or just change this one to match the requirements for the new game.
Random Gunz
#18 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:17
I was kinda hoping for a longer timeline on this kinda announcement, and I'm disappointed it didn't come coupled with a final code release to satisfy existing players in the long run. But I appreciate the official announcement, and look forward to more details in April.

CPM1 Elect. Thanks for all your support. for ideas, thoughts, and feedback.

Random Gunz
#19 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:20
Spademan wrote:
But what will happen to the forums?

CCP are aware of what the forums mean to the community, and I'm sure they'll address it soon enough.

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Imperium Eden
#20 Posted: 2016.02.03 13:21
Well I hope i get to keep most of my paid stuff and SP which was promised waaaaay back 2 fanfest ago....What?

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