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#1 Posted: 2016.02.01 15:07  |  Edited by: Nudel1306
Hi guys. Since I've sold my ps3 I can't wait to play PC Project Legion :D
I've got good tip... Diversity is the key.
You should made both small and big maps like 50x50 meters in diameter ( inside space ship, jungle, tunnel or city streets) ass kicking armageddon... as well big maps like 5x5 kilometers (desert, jungle, spaceship graveyard, snow mountain deserts) camp heaven for snipers.
You've also should work better on more realistic damage. I mean one or two bullet kills would be a nice add (more hardcore, keeping kids away from this beautiful game along with their stupid full magazine duck shooting candy ass bitching gay parade) or at least You can made separate playlists for more mature guys if you know what I mean... and one more thing... guns, ammo, expansions, experience etc. should be gained through playing the game not buying them. No pain no gain.
Thank you very much
Crux Special Tasks Group
Gallente Federation
#2 Posted: 2016.02.01 23:37
By the way... I got one more crazy idea :)
Underwater shooting arena like huge swimming pool or closed shipyard dock...
What you think guys?
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