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Boats and water?Will it dust?

#1 Posted: 2015.12.26 07:30
Well people.What do you think of boats on water in Eve dust.
That will mean new vehicle,ability to swim and dive.You will create a whole new style of gameplay.
People will stand on boats abd they must try to let a big cannon shoot on the opposite
their ship.It would be unbelievable funny is there are cannons on ships and there are divers suit
People would think that this would be grate.

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#2 Posted: 2015.12.26 08:26  |  Edited by: APPIE93
I like the idea of having water and boats, but my idea is to have toxic water like in the acid pits on certain maps.

you can walk trough the water but it will slowly do damage to you, so you can't stay long in it. it will also do damage to vehicles.

for the water you could get a boat to have no damage while moving over the water.

On you dropsuit you could perhaps fit a special diving module which gives you a damage reduction while moving through the water. or a periode of time that the water does no damage.

Edit: moving under water should have a movement penalty and rof or range penalty, it would make above or under water interesting.



#3 Posted: 2015.12.31 05:43
Uhm.Jeah.Poisoned water.But the countdown must be not to fast.The damage only must be 2 HP each second.
Extraordinary,is better to take a boat then to swim.If there is a boat map there must be a new playstyle.For example big assault baolts ambush.The winning job is to take not one but 10 cannons over on your ship and that of the enemy.And for more fun you can use the cannons too.Like blowing up other people their little dropboat.

Never realized that been invisible is that awesome.

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#4 Posted: 2016.02.02 12:21
I like the idea guys. I've posted similair message in other topic. Well done. Keep it coming.
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