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Do U Have A Good Heart?

Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2015.11.22 12:14  |  Edited by: SHOGUN LYNX
The people who have a good heart

Can u donate me some


And the thing I love to have is a
Templer codeBig smile

But pls don't hate this maybe u will think I'm crazy but the people that have a good heart
Cause this friday is my birthday but thank u
#2 Posted: 2015.11.22 15:05
I don't have a heart,so I can't donate srry

Eat my Shorts!

#3 Posted: 2015.11.22 23:32
How much money do you want mate

Sorry for my bad english :$ Port dust, ps5 next gen

Imperium Eden
#4 Posted: 2015.11.23 00:46  |  Edited by: SHOGUN LYNX
Apoleon II wrote:
How much money do you want mate

Any isk my mate and tyBig smile
Abyss of Universe
Imperium Eden
#5 Posted: 2015.11.23 10:52
ppl will treat u how u treat them

just found cal assault op^^ welcome to Taiwan ^^

#6 Posted: 2015.12.25 11:02
Jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkky jack wrote:
ppl will treat u how u treat them

your a poor scrub, i'm rich but i can't shoot for sh*t...still that doesn't matter - you

xavier zor's alt (biomassed)

what everyone must do before battle

Liverpool F.C.
#7 Posted: 2015.12.25 17:04
You make a begging thread every other day.

Give it a rest.

Seeing them makes me cringe.
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