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Corp district fitting for PC

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#1 Posted: 2015.11.22 10:21
Perhaps would it be an idea that corporations could fit there districts like with dropsuits.

Will be fixed for each district.

Besides the Large outpost you could also choose your medium and small outposts.
With the large outpost you could also choose between the several production and research facilities. (racial facilities)

Terrain skin
It would be nice to have several terrain skins like current dessert that there would also be snow grass. Other skins would also be nice, but i think this snow and grass would be easier by changing the colour like done with the dropsuit skin.

Map mood
Here you can choose the map mood like stormy or toxic like released earlier.

It would be nice to have a level editor for a general terrain/ small outpost/ medium outpost/ large outpost. Corporations that hold a district should be granted a chance get a level editor which they could use to design there own map. This map could be submitted where it would be checked with some rules.



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