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So how are plans to improve the game going?

Dead Man's Game
#1 Posted: 2015.11.17 15:39
The latest kick in the nuts.

We can't deny how bad the game has been getting..

Gameplay problems multiplying, UI problems popping up.. LAG.. and of course SILENCE..

What are the plans to improve the quality of Dust514 ?? How soon can we expect major changes ?

Nova Knife Now.


Dead Man's Game
#2 Posted: 2015.11.17 15:43
More recent attacks.

Somebody think of the blueberries Cry

CCP need to start speaking up on their part about this abusive relationship with Dust514

Nova Knife Now.


Dead Man's Game
#3 Posted: 2015.11.17 15:47

This, or a hundred other suggestions could end the suffering of many innocent blueberries.. support them Today!

Nova Knife Now.


Dead Meta Game
#4 Posted: 2015.12.02 13:52
Sure you cannot answer everything here.. but the purpose of this thread is in the title.

How are plans for game improvement in 1.3??

Do the CPM really have nothing to say about improving the quality of current gameplay??
Dead Meta Game
#5 Posted: 2015.12.11 19:19
+1 for the effort our current CPM put into community interaction
I am sure our best interests are at heart in your Skype groups. Bravo.

I wonder how many of our community have 0 representation from the guys meant to be doing something about that
Unless you think Skype chats with a majority of players not even active in-game are anything but self interest??

What puzzles me is.. you know that when running for CPM you represent the communtiy...
Yet out of multiple terms has this ever been done effectively ?? I highly doubt it Roll
Screw it, who cares if there is an international playerbase with no-one to source their feedback...
It's not like any of them would have anything important enough for the CPM to take notice Pirate

Sure the post here could be more constructive, but is it that difficult to open a dialogue with CPM about game quality ??
Dead Meta Game
#6 Posted: 2015.12.13 14:12
Template reply :

Sorry we cannot discuss CCP plans for game improvement (NDA) yadda yadda yadda
However we have been poking the Devs about issues X - Y - Z ..

We can confirm "insert even the slightest intention from CCP to improve gameplay here"

If there is anything you would like to bring to the CPM's attention, you are welcome to do so

Just try and post in a more constructive manner...

Too much to ask for?
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