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Backstory of Cornak

Planetary Response Organisation
#1 Posted: 2015.11.17 03:51
((This is a Backstory for my Dust character, Cornak. I will occasionally add to this as I see fit. Enjoy the story!))

An unknown Gallente man takes a swig of alcohol. A Minmatar woman, a freed Amarrian slave by the looks of him; scratches, bruises, and cuts adorn her body. She asks for what the Gallente is having. "Wow. That's strong," the Minmatar says to no one in particular. The Gallente stays silent. "Why are you here? You don't look like you need a drink." The Gallente is still silent. "Look, whatever it is, you can talk to me about it." The Gallente shifts his seat. "My father died today." The Minmatar looks at him with a look of sadness. "Two more, please," she asks the bartender. "What...I mean, when...how?" A tear dropss from the man's face. "Black Eagles. Shot." He held up his father's dropsuit. "They uh...gave me this." The Minmatar looked at the suit, surprised to see it. "They let you have it?" "Yeah." He put on the helmet, then the armor. "Wow. I can't even recognize you." He opened up the briefcase which contained the dropsuit to find two other weapons. A shotgun and an assault rifle issued only to the Black Eagles. He picked up the shotgun, paying attention to the inscribed intials on the barrel; N.G. "He must have been an amazing soldier to have been picked for the Black Eagles," said the woman.

"Once upon a time, a few eons ago, the Gallente took your lives, and then we took your homes..."

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