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Since becoming CPM, are you more hopeful for DUST? Thermometer time

Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2015.11.14 23:39
I remember back to a (now deleted tweet) by Dennie about "great news, so happy right now." When asked what he meant, he simply replied "DUST isn't dead." Tinfoil stuff but I think it is actually a decent, if ridiculously sad, way of getting some information about what is going on behind the scenes without actually saying anything. So, yes, I am looking to skirt that NDA without actually breaking it.

To help explain:
Joseph Ridgeson wrote:
Aeon Amadi wrote:
Echoing the words of the CPM before me, I understand and agree with CCP's route of silence. Considering my rage prior, I feel that should mean something.

The transparency issue is something that is necessary, unfortunately. The CPM is trying to alleviate some of that where we can but rather than pester you guys all the time with, "We did things but can't talk about them" the only real option is update you whenever we can.

For now, just be patient. I know that is a lot to ask considering everything that has happened for the past year and a half but, be patient.

The only way we can get ANY kind of information about the game is to metaphorically put a thermometer in Aeon's ass to get a "Rage Level"?

So: "Since becoming a CPM member, are you more hopeful about DUST as a whole? Could you explain your answer; if not a simple 'no' will suffice."

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Random Gunz
#2 Posted: 2015.11.16 02:22
I would say I am more hopeful than I was going in. That's one of the benefits of peeking behind the curtain and realizing that Rattati and company are much more determined and passionate than most people give them credit for.

I belive all of us in CPM2 agree that silence sucks, but it is infinitely better than false promises or ridiculous expectations.

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