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killing fields map,

Imperium Eden
#1 Posted: 2015.11.08 15:36  |  Edited by: Scotty AI MatchMaker
The map would a mass grave of the battle field, with wreckage and bodies of fallen comrades as far as the eye can see. The landscape is scorched and pockmarked from orbital fire. The wind carries the cries of the dead and the ash of the burning world. Storms briefly light the landscape around in a crack of light before the rumble of thunder echoes all around like engine's of a titan. The reason for the previous campaigns on the surface all point to what was once a grand structure half buried in the shadow of a mountain. Once a state of the art mining facility used to extract precious resources for the immoral pilots who rule from the heavens.

More of an attack defend map it would be a 4 point map, for the attackers it would start off in a deployment zone MMC in the distance, the terrain made up of cratered flatland and a trench work system dug out by burning earth movers a round the battle zone. From the secured nova cannon site on the deployment zone attackers would move east or west to either of the two other flanking points, one an out post and over watch position with an underground silo nova cannon (which will also be contested by the defending team) or the other a burn wrecked train rail station that was once used to transport resources to the star ports and feature a nova cannon on it roof (also contested). The final defending point would be the facility itself, although the inner most parts of the structure is sealed off the entrance would be like a besieged fortification with the defending MMC dropping in reinforcements which features a nova cannon also.

The map as an attack/defend style map would also have to have the same advantages and disadvantages for either team and feel balanced even thought both teams have two starting points that differ tactically.

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