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New DUST 514 Wallpaper - Communications Center

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C C P Alliance
#1 Posted: 2015.10.30 06:09  |  Edited by: CCP Frame

DUST 514 Wallpaper section is now updated with a brand new entry featuring Communications Center concept art! Check out our wallpapers section to download this piece in various sizes. We hope you like it!

CCP Frame, CCP Shanghai Team

Zarena Family
#2 Posted: 2015.10.30 07:47
Yeeee - new entry :) Big smile

Not much time left...

Going for the gold
#3 Posted: 2015.10.30 08:29
It's still a drawing, what about digital art?

(I like it still)

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Vacuum Cleaner. LLC
#4 Posted: 2015.10.30 13:01
Imperium Eden
#5 Posted: 2015.10.30 13:49
Did someone say Attack/Defend mode?

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The Exemplars
#6 Posted: 2015.10.30 14:09
I think everyone would appreciate ANY new maps/modules.

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highland marines
#7 Posted: 2015.10.30 14:16
Maybe if we are good boys and girls all this fancy wall paper art we keeps seeing will be new maps for a "PORT"! Who am I kidding though. Just sell some skins and boosters it's all good.
WarRavens Auxiliaries
#8 Posted: 2015.10.30 17:59
This looks like the Caldari version of the Gallente communications center. I wouldn't mind having this in the game.
Imperium Eden
#9 Posted: 2015.10.30 18:01
I feel like these maps are drawings for new possible maps in the future. They wouldn't ask one of the amazing artists do it for nothing.

Been logi'ing since release. Need to give those needles and self proclaimed king of logi hugs ^-^

ScReWeD uP InC
#10 Posted: 2015.10.30 22:30
Looks like it would be an awesome map

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Rise Of Legion.
#11 Posted: 2015.10.31 00:14
Frame please create a drawing from the MCC Construction Map.

Any date when the map will be back? I miss it and that would be epic for another event.
Please reply.

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Apex Inc
Demonic Wheat Pineapple
#12 Posted: 2015.10.31 01:40
CCP please fix what we have first before you add more maps

Proto Gallente Commando

Proto Gallente Logistics

Proto Gallente Scout

Killbox 13
#13 Posted: 2015.10.31 20:26
Absolutely Beautiful, Can we go fight on it now???

#14 Posted: 2015.11.02 06:27
Check out the full series of this socket here.

Dust 514 Market Trello. The essential resource for trading in Dust.

ScReWeD uP InC
#15 Posted: 2015.11.02 06:45
Jadek Menaheim wrote:
Check out the full series of this socket here.

Awesome Big smile

Eve: DfLo 1913

Clouds Everywhere....

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Abyss of Universe
Imperium Eden
#16 Posted: 2015.11.02 08:44
new maps might save dust 514 ~

just found cal assault op^^ welcome to Taiwan ^^

Emperors Empire 7
#17 Posted: 2015.11.02 14:49
make a map out of it?
Its Awesome Blink

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#18 Posted: 2015.11.09 19:31
Jadek Menaheim wrote:
Check out the full series of this socket here.

Shocking that this amount of content were keep away from us.
Some of images have strong Valkyrie accent, I think it was CCP intention to promote it through Dust and was planed long time before game launch. Unfortunately we did not reach some level of numbers, and we do not count so much..

Do not count for new map. Creating new map is difficult, time consuming and expensive process.

This is Skirmish v1.0.

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Crux Special Tasks Group
Gallente Federation
#19 Posted: 2015.11.22 22:04  |  Edited by: Arian Neo
As much as I like all these wallpapers, I do wonder where the logic is to show us concept art of things which do not exist as a playable part of the current product?

How about some high resolution avatars for the forums at least? A little update there, like back then with the login screen. The current ones are three years old. Just a side note.
Condotta Rouvenor
Gallente Federation
#20 Posted: 2015.12.16 21:16
I love it, but unless you post the actuall map, im not impressed

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