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Praetoriani Classiarii Templares
#1 Posted: 2015.10.23 22:00
A blinding light shines down the narrow slits of his visor. Its cracked in many places, the biggest one where his eye is. In fact its more of a small hole, the light begins to become thinner by the second. Then, he hears it the sound of drop ship engines loudly straining to gain altitude. But no luck, one of the engines shuts down from the damage it has succumbed. It shifts left, hard and crashes into the Cliffside causing the drop ship to fall into the hard ground. The ships still intact and rests next to the cliff, quiet and ominescant. The man slowly gets up to his feet, his HUD is offline and his comms are completely down. He reaches to his side and pulls out a bolt pistol, his once shiny black and gold drop suit now thick with red dirt and tinted with blood. He reaches the drop ship and manually opens the blast doors, two Amarrian soldiers rest side by side dead. Another laying against the other door, her chest rising indicates to him that she's still alive. He walks over to her and shakes her awake, trying to get something out of her.

"Hello, can you hear me?" He asks shaking her arm. The woman stirs and looks up at his face.

"Who...who are you?" The Amarrian woman asks weakly.

"Im Templar Damascus, I came with the 501st." Damascus tells her.

"Well met Brother, I'm Templar Judith with the 22nd." Judith replies as she hands him her hand. Damascus shakes it firmly as he helps Judith to her feet.

"Can you walk Judith?" Damascus asks as he puts her arm over his shoulder.

"Yeah...should be good, anyone else make it?" Judith asks as she takes her arm back and picks up her rifle.

"Sadly no, the other two didn't make the landing." Damascus tells her as he takes one of the dead soldiers gun, a Viviam scrambler rifle. They exit the drop ship and check the sides, nothing and begin to head towards a small complex south from their position.

On the Amarr MC on the other side of the planet....
Soldiers begin to fill the hangar in large numbers, waiting for orders to drop. They double check their gear and load their weapons full. It wasn't to long ago that the Minmatar came in sector and launched a space attack which quickly shifted to a ground fight. Now the Amarr are hard pressed and must win control of the ground and secure the cannons to repel the Minmatar forces. The doors open and with it the Templar, Crown. His sleek Amarrian drop suit colored black and gold, his deadly scrambler rifle that he has taken with him on countless situations. Crown walks down the stairs and looks at the rest of the troops, he smiles under his helmet and hits the button to open the doors. The Amarr soldiers begin to drop and land, ready to begin the assault. Crown jumps out last and lands on top of a friendly drop ship, he holds on as they glide through the air at top speeds. Thanks to his cybernetic arm he is able to keep a strong hold on the ship. Once he reaches his destination he drops and lands in the middle of a firefight. He pulls his rifle out and begins firing at the horde of Matari and takes over two down with half a clip. He finds cover and throws a grenade, killing three more enemies blocking their way through. He gives the signal to charge and vaults over, raining down lasers into the face of his empires enemy. As they cleared the way crown began to notice how easy it was to push the Minmatar back. He felt uneasy and backed up a bit, grabbing a few Amarrians with him. Suddenly, a large explosion rocks the ground beneath beneath them and knock Crown on his back, he tries to get back up but only finds a round through his chest. He falls back into the ground and lies still, as to play "dead". His body is in pure agony but he resists the urge to move, after a while he soon loses consciousness.

Remember the day that my eyes reach down into your soul and see you for what you really are

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